Friday, October 8, 2021

the enemy within is my brother

A group of 5 hooligans storm into a local store and began to take and destroy things. The shop had a dim source of light which the store keeper used.
“Where’s all the money?!” One of hooligans asked shouting at the store keeper..
“Its….its….here.” The old man trembled pointing to a box beside him. They pushed him to the ground and broke the safe. Opening it, they took away all the money and headed outside….
Outside: The hooligans met the nightmare and his men in front of them…..
“Hello gentlemen.” The nightmare greeted.
“Who are you?” One the hooligans asked..
“That’s the nightmare.” Another one whispered from the back…
“looks like my fame already precedes me.” The nightmare said. Fear caught the hooligans as they realized who he was. They all began to move back slowly while the nightmare and his men moved forward at the same pace…
“Hand over the box, and we’ll leave here happy.” The person with the box looked at the rest of his gang who nodded their heads as a sign for him to release the box…
“Be quick about it.” The nightmare said, his voice rising more than the last time. The box holder moved forward sluggishly and handed the box to the nightmare. Pretending to go back, he also gives the nightmare a punch on the face. Already fuming with anger, the nightmare carried him up by the neck with only one hand…
“Plea…please…..I’m….I’m….sorry.” the hooligan begged.
“You should know better than to play tricks with me.” The nightmare said. He stared into his eyes for a while and suddenly dropped him. The hooligan then picked up a nearby iron rod and turned back and attacked his fellow gang. The nightmare picked up the box and walked out with his men as the cries of the hooligans echoed…..
#BIS – 9:00am…..
It’s another day in Beginner’s International School. Students walked in through the school gate to attend classes. Tyler enters through the gate amidst of other students. He was looking every handsome. He wore a blue T shirt and a pair of black fitted jeans. On his feet were a pair of gray sneakers. His hair was shaped in a fashionable way which made him look more attractive…..
Tyler bounces through the hallway where he bumps into Kaylee. She was clad in blue velvet. She looked more beautiful than before and had Tyler staring at her.
“Hey, good morning.” She greeted when the staring was getting awkward.
“Hey, sorry for staring.” Tyler greeted back.
“No worries.” She replied smiling.
“Guys… oh sorry, I wasn’t interrupting was I?” Troy asked as he got to where they were.
“Nope.” Tyler and Kaylee answered together.
“Check this out.” He brought out his phone and showed them a news video:..
“News just arrived that a local store was robbed last night by a group of 5 hooligans. The local store keeper remains unharmed but the hooligans were all found dead in front of the store. Medical practitioners said that from the test conducted, the hooligans actually killed each other. Sounds crazy, but we’re been led to believe that there is something supernatural in play but no one knows what……” Troy ends the video 
“News just arrived that a local store was robbed last night by a group of 5 hooligans. The local store keeper remains unharmed but the hooligans were all found dead in front of the store. Medical practitioners said that from the test conducted, the hooligans actually killed each other. Sounds crazy, but we’re been led to believe that there is something supernatural in play but no one knows what……” Troy ends the video and Tyler and Kaylee look at him with questions on their faces.
“It’s the nightmare, he’s the one responsible for this.” Troy began.
“And how do you know this?” Tyler asked.
“It’s what he does, he controls people and also makes them see their worst nightmare.”
“Let’s go.” Kaylee said.
“Let’s call Roy too.” Tyler suggested.
“Roy? For what?” Kaylee asked showing a bit anger.
“You haven’t told her?” Troy asked.
“Told me what?” 
“Last full moon, we faced the alpha Lord again and he saved us.” Tyler began.
“so you let him join us because of that?” Kaylee asked 
“Sort of.” 
“That’s not happening.” Kaylee said and walked away in anger while Tyler ran after her leaving Troy who stood and watched them…. Across, Roy had been watching them and smiled to himself when he saw Kaylee walking away….
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she betrayed me with my bestfriend(painful story)

How did we get here?
That is the question I ask myself. How did we get here? How did our marriage reach this point where we can barely stand the sight of each other? Or, more honestly put, where you can’t stand the sight of me.
Ter, you used to love me. You used to…
Our anniversary was on the 19th of this month…just a week ago…but it came and went like any other day…any other day in this new reality of mine…of ours. You didn’t even bother coming home that day. That had been the 3 rdnight you spent out of our home. And I know you were with her…or one of4th them…
You stopped hiding your affairs long ago. It almost seems like a joke when I remember those early days of your indiscretion, when you used to actually make an attempt to hide your affairs from me. It is laughable for me to remember how you used silly aliases for your women, and went through extra trouble to make sure I never found out about them…But now, you rub them in my face. Now, the whole world can see my shame. Of how I have lost my husband to better woman than I…to women who have been able to give you what I haven’t been able to…a child.
We used to be partners in this infertility journey of ours. You used to be my rock, my champion, my fighter…the person who held me up when I felt the weight of our struggle was too much for me to bear. Remember how you would cradle me in your arms and rock me as I cried, after every failed cycle. Remember how you always tried to make me laugh when I thought the dark cloud would never lift. When did you stop being my sunshine, Ter? When did your patience start to wane? When did your steps lead you to search elsewhere for what I couldn’t give you?
Somehow, someway, I lost your love. I stopped being your angel…your prized possession. I remember those days when you went crazy if I was even bitten by a mosquito. But today, you don’t think twice before attacking me with your fists…
I will never forget that first day you hit me. I will never forget the shock I felt when your fist connected with my face, sending me sprawling to the ground. I will never forget how I couldn’t even cry…so great was my shock. My Ter had hit me? No, it couldn’t be. It had to be a mistake. But it hadn’t been. And that blow had been followed by another, and then another, culminating with your hands around my neck, strangling the life out of me. I honestly thought I was going to die that day. As I struggled for breath, I honestly thought that was going to be my end. But you had let go just in the nick of time, storming out of the house, leaving me lying on the ground. Did you think of me as you drove away? Did you worry I might not survive my wounds? Did I cross your mind at all, while you were with her? I reckon I didn’t, because I didn’t see you for the next three days. Your first marathon stretch out of the house. But it wouldn’t be your last. No, instead, it marked the turning point for our new normal.
And it was all because of her…the first person who was not just one of your random text and Facebook messages…the first person who posed a real threat to our marriage. It’s funny, because I actually thought she was the worst that could happen. If only I could see that there would be many more of her…many, many more.
If only I had known that the beatings would also become a constant part of our lives. If only I knew that first night would open the floodgates to the attacks…the abuse. After that night, hitting me became your favourite pastime. It became your good morning greeting, and good night salute. It didn’t matter what I said, or didn’t say, your hands, and even legs, always found a way to connect with my body. Now, I walk on egg shells around you…never knowing what to say that could trigger the time bomb you have become.
I used to think it was all my fault. I used to think I had driven you away because of how unattractive I had become. I know I look nothing like the woman you married eight years ago. In 2001, I had been a beautiful, happy go-lucky 27-year-old, looking forward to a lifetime of love with my husband. But over the years, my weight has crept up. I used to blame it on the fertility drugs and the stress…but the truth is that food has become my friend. My only friend. Today, I am about 20kg heavier than the woman you married. The light has extinguished from my eyes, and I have become a shell of the woman I used to be. I used to love life…but now, I only live for you. I only live for pleasing you…for thinking up ways to lure you back to me…
But I have failed woefully.
You haven’t touched me in over a year. Before, we would still have sex, even though I was aware of how much I disgusted you. Such a far cry from the early days, when you had been tender…and loving…and passionate. Our lovemaking transitioned from that, to fast and violent thrusting sessions, with you not interested in pleasing anyone else but yourself. Remember when your mission, your only mission, was to make sure I got maximum satisfaction? Remember how that was once more important to you than your own pleasure? But you soon turned me to the woman grateful for even those quick, violent thrusts. Even if I hurt from the pain caused by not being sufficiently lubricated, I still tried to do everything I could to please you…
And then it had all stopped. And then…the miscarriage happened…
Now, you can’t even bear to touch me. I disgust you. Even without the privilege of a baby in my arms, my body still carries the marks from that pregnancy. The stretch marks have compounded an already bad situation…and now, even the sex has gone. Now, I am left with nothing.
I haven’t been able to turn to anyone. With my family living far away, and my friendships all destroyed, I have been left with nobody. Except…
I hear you moan, and my attention is drawn back to our current situation. My hands are shaking, as I watch you writhing on the floor, your shirt drenched in your blood. Even with my quivering hands, I haven’t let go of the knife I hold.
You weren’t even my first choice…not even close.
I remember those early days, back in the 80s and early 90s, when our families would worship together in Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos. So many of us were fascinated by your family’s exotic good looks, largely arising from your mixed parentage. There was no teenage girl in Church who didn’t have a crush on your brothers. Tall, lean, and with eyes colored somewhere between green and hazel brown, your brothers were the most gorgeous things I had ever set my eyes on. And one especially…Atoo.
If I’m to be honest, Atoo was the reason I went to church those days. I would be seated on our usual pew, waiting for your family to make its grand entrance. Somehow, Atoo always led the pack. He was always the first to bounce in through those big brass doors, casting flirtatious smiles at the many girls waving at him from their pews. I would literally melt to butter seeing that smile and those twinkling green eyes, wishing he would just notice me, even if it was for only a day!
But he never did. I was an incredibly awkward looking teenager, who was pretty much all skin and bones; flat chested, flat buttocked and way too tall for her age. As the only girl in a home of 6 kids, I didn’t have the slightest clue how to make myself look feminine or attractive enough to catch his attention…or anyone else’s for that matter. So, even when Atoo and the rest of your brothers chatted with my own brothers after Mass, I would just linger around awkwardly, not knowing how to flirt to save my life.
You? I didn’t even notice you. In fact, I always thought Atoo was the first of your family’s 4 sons…until that day I realized you weren’t their driver, or a visiting cousin, and that there were actually 5 of you. With you, it was like your mother’s Romanian genes went into full recession. Whilst your brothers were cool and suave, you were just as awkward as me; tall, with oversized glasses and a face full of pimples. I remember how shocked I was when my brother, Buchi, introduced you as ‘them Atoo’s oldest brother’, and I had almost passed out when you had smiled, revealing a mouth full of metal. Good heavens! On the way home, my brothers and I joked about how you were the ‘born troway’ of your family, because you were absolutely nothing like the others.
And then in 1992, your family had abruptly stopped coming to church. We were stunned to hear that your father had taken another wife, a young woman from your home state of Benue, giving your Romanian mother a ‘take it or leave it’ choice. It was the biggest shock ever, especially as your father was a Knight in the church. My parents were proper scandalized by it all. We heard that your mother, having fallen out with her family in Romania, had had no choice but to remain in Nigeria following the end of her marriage. So, she had chosen to move you guys to a smaller house, somewhere on the mainland…where exactly, nobody knew.
A few years later, 1994 to be precise, my father got a Government appointment and my family relocated to Abuja, leaving my brother, Buchi, and I alone to finish our studies in Unilag. While in Unilag, I somehow outgrew my awkwardness, and blossomed into an attractive young woman. I dated, as was the norm with girls my age, and by my final year, was in a serious relationship with a classmate of mine. By the time graduation came in 1996, and I had to move to Abuja to be with my folks, my boyfriend, David, actually proposed. I was over the moon, and even though ours was a long distance relationship, first of all with him being in Lagos, and shortly after with him off to the United Kingdom for his Masters, I was so thrilled at the thought of becoming his wife in the near future.
Until January 1999, when he had dropped the bombshell on me, by e-mail of all things! He had written about how he had fallen in love with someone else, and apologized profusely for wasting my time.
I had wept buckets. It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. I could barely even breathe! I blamed my parents for not sending me to the U.K, as I had requested. If I had been there, David would not have left me. I was angry that all my brothers had been given the privilege of leaving the country, but I hadn’t. But I knew it wasn’t because they were trying to be mean or wicked. With my immediate older brother, Buchi, only having just left for his post-graduate studies the year before, there was no way my folks could afford to send another one there. And my other brothers there were not financially strong enough to take on my additional expenses.
So, I had nursed my heartbreak, consoling myself with the fact that, at 25, I was still young and would surely meet someone soon. I had a decent job with an NGO, and I knew life would continue after David.
I remember how excited my mother had been that day. She had just returned from a trip to Lagos, and was brimming with excitement over whom she had flown with.
“Guess who was on my flight! One of the Tsumba boys!”
Upon hearing your surname, my heart had leapt as I remembered my teenage crush. “Atoo?!” I had squealed.
Mom shook her name. “No, Tersur! You know, the oldest.”
I had racked my brain, trying to remember. “Oh! The born troway?”
The look my very Catholic mother gave me could have turned me to stone, so I had stifled my laughter.
“He was very excited to see me. In fact, he was even the one who recognized me. He looks so different from how he did then.”
I nodded, but my attention span had already reached its limit with this gist. Seeing that she was losing me, my mother quickly sped to her point.
“He asked after you!” she said, falling just short of winking at me.
I had guffawed. “Me? Like he, or any of his brothers, even know my name!”
“He asked after you s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c-a-l-l-y!” my mother said, animatedly buttressing her point.
By now, I was beginning to spell a rat.
“He’s in Abuja for a week, on some kind of training. I have invited him for dinner this Saturday…so you better be nice!”
One part of me wanted to be anywhere but home that Saturday, but I admit that I was curious. I wanted to see if you still looked as bad as I remembered. In hindsight, I should have left the house. God, I should have left…
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9 Tips to fall in love again

It’s totally normal to have moment
s when you feel more or less in love with your partner. Yet, it’s painful to have lulls in a relationship that leave you feeling hopeless or questioning its future. At these times, even if you have lists of issues you know are causing problems with your partner, it can still somehow be hard to pinpoint why you lost the loving feelings that once overcame you. You may still “love” the person. You may still want it to work with him or her. But you just can’t seem to access that free flow of fondness, that ease of give and take, that made you light up and look forward to each day you’d spend together.

1. Have some silly time together.
Speaking of strangeness, it's super important for people to be able to shoot the sh*t with each other and just kick back and have a goofy grand time. In fact, research shows that couples who laugh together often have happier relationships and stay together for the long haul.

2. Resist entering a critical mode.
At some point, any person in a relationship can find themselves observing their partner through a critical lens. This lens can be clearly distorted: for example, when you find yourself cringing at the way your partner clears his throat, or feeling overly annoyed when she needs to run back in the house for something she forgot. You can also start magnifying or zeroing in on your partner’s mistakes, cataloguing their flaws, and building a case. It is way too easy when you live at close quarters with someone to pick them apart and get annoyed at some of their habits. After all, you know them pretty well. But the truth is, your partner probably always had these qualities, even when you first fell in love.

3. Planning surprise date nights.
Sometimes all it takes to help you reconnect is scheduling a Date night—no kids, no friends, just the two of you. To make it more fun, Porter suggests taking turns planning the evenings and keeping the details under wraps.

4. Life better.
Since you're the one reading this article, you may be looking for ways to feel closer to your S.O. rather than doingthings for someone whom you feel a little detached from. But, stay with me: Since "love" is a verb, "when you lead with action, your heart tends to follow," says Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, a psychologist in Philadelphia.

5. Treat your partner with kindness.
Simple as it sounds, kindness is really the key to staying in love. Research has shown that taking more loving actions actually makes you feel more in love. In any interaction with your partner, whether it’s personal or practical, try to be kind in how you express yourself. This softens your partner, even in heated moments. Continuing to be loving and generous has a huge payoff and a million rewards. It makes you feel good within yourself and creates space for your partner to ultimately move closer to you. It allows you to be more compassionate toward your partner and feel for their experience, separate from yours, which also increases your own feelings of interest, attraction, and tenderness.

6. Take advantage of what you love about your partner.
Reflect on what you love and appreciate about your partner. What qualities do you admire or feel amused by? If you like that they’re adventurous, keep sharing new activities. If you enjoy their sense of humor, be playful in your communication. If you value that they’re warm and affectionate, make sure to connect with them each day, rather than getting caught up in other things.

7. Reconnect with who you were when you fell in love.
When you feel like you’re falling out of love, you not only long for or miss the person you first fell in love with, but you miss who you were and how you felt at that time. A lot of people want to be the person their partner fell in love with. Of course, every human evolves and grows, so achieving this isn’t about denying your development or pretending to be an old version of yourself. In fact, it’s barely about your partner at all. In her new book, daring to love, Tamsen Firestone observes, “the truth is that the primary obstacle to love is within us. Our biggest challenge isn’t finding love; it’s confronting our defenses against it and daring to allow love to develop.” Therefore, falling back in love is an exercise in breaking through those defenses and getting back to a feeling you had toward yourself, your partner, and your life in general.

8. Share lively, non-routine experiences.
When you first fall in love, in some ways, you are probably the most open you’ll ever be. After all, you’re letting an entirely new person matter to you and influence your life. This spirit of adventure and willingness to try new things is actually part of what creates a spark between two people. Continuing to explore side by side and seek out new experiences to share is a powerful way to keep the excitement and vitality going strong. Relationships can start to become more practical and routine as they go on, particularly with the sharing of kids, household, or financial responsibilities, but these parts of life can also be part of that adventure, as long as you’re making time to do new things that make you both feel more alive.

9. Maintain and support your and your partner’s individual interests.
In the early stages of a relationship, both parties are still seeing themselves as separate, so they maintain the aspects of who they are that make them feel like independently fulfilled individuals. Often, it’s these very qualities that made your partner fall in love with you and made you fall in love with your partner. Never forget what it felt like to be your own person; be sure to nurture the unique aspects of who you are, and extend this same kindness, respect, and curiosity to your partner.

10. Give  each other space
It sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes when things get a little moldy, you need some separation to rekindle the spark. I don't mean jet-setting across the country for a month—but giving yourself the time and space to be your own person.

11. Present time with them.
Even if you live with your boyfriend (or husband, or girlfriend/wife), chances are, a lot of the time you spend with them is occupied by other things—emails, kids, TV, phone calls, etc.
This builds affection.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

My father's wise for his children

I laid on my bed when school was over for the
day, I had just finished my assignment. I decided
to call my Father, he and I were pretty close,
guess you could say I was a daddy’s girl
“Milia dear how was school today”
“Pretty hectic, we have a test coming up its hell,
how’s church and all?”
“Its fine..just ask Him for directions, he will guide
you..have you read today?”
“Yea I went to the library”
“Ok.your mom says hi ,Janet too..are you about
to sleep?”
“Yes..just wanted to say goodnight..and that I
love you Dad”
“I love you too my angel..don’t let me keep you
up, remember I always pray for you, have a
pleasant rest” I smiled as I cut, I felt contented,
it was a feeling I associated with speaking with
my Father. I said my prayer and slept off.
I woke up to something crawling on my skin, I hit
at it, ended up slapping myself, I slept again, it
came again then again as I kept slapping myself
then awoke fully, Rebecca went running..
“Oh you..I ll get you” I got out of bed and
pursued her around the room hitting her severally
with the pillow when I caught her
“Your so mean” I said.
“Somebody had to wake you up”she replied
We made up and got ready for class which was
by 8am, Rebecca was my roommate off
campus..I had stayed in the hostel with my sister
before I moved in with her a year ago..she was
the best roommate there was, maybe because
we were good friends..
” so I was thinking you should wear the black
skirt instead” I looked at her
“Rebecca..I think you are letting Serena get in
your head”
“What..I just prefer you on the black its …”
“Tighter.. Who am I showing my curves to..I
appreciate you being nice about it but if you
tryna change me..I’d totally hate you for it”
“You getting it all wrong.. It just looks better on
“So I am sticking with the one that doesn’t” I
couldn’t believe she was tryna change me too..
We finally got to class..Serena came right at me
pulling me away
“Hey your sitting with me ..I kept a seat”she
looked at Rebecca daring her to oppose
” But Rebecca and I usually sit together”I
“Im sure she ll be fine without you for one class,
you talk to other people in class rii?” She asked
Rebecca who sighed
“Emilia just go” she said
“You sure?” But she d already gone to look for a
seat in the already crowded lecture hall, I
groggily went with Serena wondering what she
wanted..We never sat together in class because
her clique of friends weren’t nice, she’d really
kept a seat for me. We sat in silence before they
started talking about the party of course, the
preparations and all, I tried to not be interested
but they pulled me in..
“So why can’t you come again?” Serena asked
“Cos I can’t.. I don’t do parties”
“Ok..because you all churchy..don’t you guys
have any social life in fellowship?”
“We do..not just the kind you d like” I replied
“Well I d like to come see…when’s your
I gulped..what “really you wanna come?” I
glanced at her friends who looked shocked at
her like she just said she wanted to comit
“Yeah..why my friend right”
“Well we d be delighted to have you..its
Wednesday 4pm”
“Ok you can call me when your going”
“Cool” I said then turned to look for Rebecca
who wasn’t looking at us but talking with another
classmate of ours, she seemed ok..but I found
my way back to her after class.
The next day I went to the library to read up
some stuff for my upcomig text in physiology,
being a medical student was not easy, so many
things to read in so little time, a car pulled over
with loud music, I walked on till I heard my
sisters voice
“Emily get in the car”, the car was a black.Benz,
I was shocked to the core as I wondered what
she was doing in some strange guys car..
” I ll walk thanks ”
“Stop being dramatic and get it”
I rolled my eyes at her but got in, the guy drove
“Where you coming from?”
“,of course” she said
“Watsup” I looked at the driver, the guy was cute
in a rough kind of way, he had a bandana on his
head and toothpick in his mouth
“This is Donald..that’s Emilia my sister”
“Where you from..she’s prettier”
“That’s what he said” she said dismissively, she
looked at me
“Did you get what I askend you?”
“Not gone home yet..prepping for a test”
Erica looked me up”you went to class like this? “,
I decided to say nothing, everyone kept talking
about my dressing maybe it was really bad.
Erica got down with me at my hostel, waving to
Donald we went in
“Did you cook..I am famished”
“I ll just warm the soup”
“I am in no.mood for swallow, fix up something”
I decided to make indomie for her
“So Donald uh..hes your boyfriend?”
“Yeah..he cute uh?”
” well hes ok..your type”
“Yea my type..don’t want no religiousnigga
around me”
I paused”you know you can’t present him to Dad”
My sister stared at me then laughed so hard I
wonder what I said
“Did I say something wrong?”
“Of course you did..what makes you think I ll
marry him?”
“Well hes..because hes your boyfriend”
“You so naive, check the food please”
“Why didn’t he take you to lunch?”
“We were I have a sister who cooks
why would I waste money” she said, rolling my
eyes I focused on the indomie. She slept over
that night and I said a prayer for her that she
shouldn’t go too far away from God.
We had fellowship that Wednesday, it was the
first since resumption and I greeted persons I
hadn’t seen since the holidays, as I greeted
Sister Diana, I looked up and met the eyes of our
president Martins, I looked down quickly not
wanting him to see my blush, I had developed a
stupid crush on him since we started working
together, well he was really good looking and a
Christian, most sisters wanted God to speak to
him on their behalf. Whenever he preached, I
paid full attention with butterflies in my stomach,
it seemed he had noticed me too because we
were very close as he but I didn’t want to
assume, he was nice to everyone. He had
reached me as I tried to arrange the offering
” Sister Emilia, how nice to see you again”
“Yeah me too..did you gel your hair?”
“You noticed..well just something my sister was
trying on does it look”
“Well.. good..she did a great job”
“I gues am her model..she’s into hair products”
“Ok, good thing she doesn’t even have to pay you
to market her business”
He chuckled revealing a dimple on his left cheek
and butterflies started again, he got serious”I
wanted to speak to young concerning the bus
project..we could call a meeting with the excos
so we can full deliberate on it”
“Well of course.. Would arrange it..say Saturday”
“That’s was the hols?”
“Great..kind of long”
“ was short for me..what with the
presidential work to come back to.. I needed the
“Are you complaining?”
“Gods work.. No way” Diana came to ask him
about something and he excused himself and
left..I stared after him ..maybe he was the
one..maybe not..but I really enjoyed talking with
Serena wasn’t able to make it that Wednesday
but swore she d come the next. I was really
excited for her to come to church. We wrote the
test on Friday of that week, I didn’t do so well as
the questions seemed difficult but I hoped the
result came out well.
“I don’t know why you insist on me coming to
the party, I d be a total nuisance, I can’t dance,
socialize.. or dress up” I said for the upteeth
time to Serena who didn’t want to give up, we
just came out from the library
“I just want you to be there..its my brothers
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Narration of love

It has been two years now since I last went to Newriton , I was gradually forgetting the fact that I was once a spy and I was having a perfect love life with my now Fiance, Ann. I had propose to her a year ago and she had even introduced me to her parents. I was surprised how freely her people accepted me despite the fact that I come from the western part of the country and she from the east. I used the money I saved during my stay in Newriton to open a big complex in which I train kids the basics of Martial art and it happens to be actually booming as the kids seem to be growing strong and matured day by day. Most times, Ann will escort me to the complex to see my students, she was always happy and joyous being with them. Yes, one more thing, I have confided in my wife by telling her am a spy, or better put, that I was once a spy. I don’t want what happened to gabi ( may his soul rest in peace) to repeat itself in my case. I told her hoping she would get angry with me but no, she took it maturely although at times she would look at me with doubtful eyes, she would always say I don’t look like who was a spy. So that is how life had been, I still keep close friendship with Alvana , Matt and even Christiana. This particular morning, I was in my complex busy with my kids as usual, ” Alex, that is not how you do it, you kick with the leg behind, so anytime you want to kick, you simply change your stance to keep your most comfortable leg behind” I told Alex, he was one of my very fast learning students. ” I am trying” he told me, ” Alex, you have been behaving sluggish since morning, you are not behaving like the Alex I use to know, what is the problem?” I asked him, truly, he has been behaving awkward since morning, he wasn’t like the strong vibrant guy I know. ” Master Israel, you are gonna die soon” he told me as he immediately busted into tears, I pulled his head closer to my chest and smiled, ” Die? How do you mean?” I asked him , ” I dreamt of you being killed, you were all in black and a tall guy with fine face also in black killed you” he explained, ” Hmm, Alex having nightmares again?” I asked him smiling, ” No Master Israel, this same mark on your wrist was on his wrist also” He told me. ” You say he is tall?” I asked him, he nodded. ” A tall guy that has the mark of Newriton, a perfect description of Gabriel ” I thought. ” Master Israel, a man with a black car and wearing a black suit is outside looking for you” One of my students shouted from the entrance, I peeped through the window, it has been two years now and am seeing Sir Ajan again.
I sat down outside my poultry farm this particular morning, my employees were all inside taking care of my customers . A small black car soon pulled up in front of my farm, I smiled because I thought it was yet another big customer, shockingly, Sir Akpena of Newriton gently came down the car. ” What?” I asked myself as I stood up quietly and advanced towards him, I did not want to cause a scene. ” What are you doing here?” I asked him, ” Jason, it has been two years” he started, ” Yes, two years that I made the choice of living a better life” I told him resting my right leg on the back tyre of his car, ” No, two years since you decided to leave the world to itself, two years since you decided to leave the world to doom” he told me, ” I can’t save the world, I can’t risk my life in saving the world when after my death , I won’t be remembered, I can’t work for an institute that derives pleasure in seeing their fighters go through pains and die” I countered him, ” Jason, all that happened wasn’t our fault, about one year after you guys left, it was discovered that Sir Ajan had been bugged, Sir Jude got us through the bug, who ever did it, I dont know. And as for the part that you won’t be remembered, have you been to Newriton lately, have you seen the edifice statue of Gabriel that was built in memory of him?” He asked, ” The statue isn’t Gabriel, the statue won’t bring back Gabriel. And as for the lie of sir Ajan being bugged, you don’t think you can buy me over with that do you?” I asked him, ” Jason, I rather don’t say anything than lie, that’s my principle” He said, ” Jason, please come back and save the world, the world need you guys, people are dying, children are being wasted , Children are being displaced, we have lost more than fifty of our own spies, Jason, please accept my plea and talk to the rest to accept” he knelt down, ” I have ripped off my pride to beg you, Jason please when next you have doubt coming back to save the world, just know that your mom might be among the victims of the Manhunter one day” He concluded as he opened the door to his car, ” Jason, think well and think right” were his final statement.
” sir Ajan” I called as I went towards him, he stretched put his hand for a handshake but I refused it, ” I expected that” he smiled, ” Nice complex” He smiled looking at my complex, ” Thanks, what brings you here?” I asked him, ” Israel, it has been 730 days and some months since you guys took this decision of leaving the world to itself” He said , ” Hmm, it has also been 730 days and some months since you guys led Gabriel to his death” I told him , ” Hmm, Gabriel, the deadliest of them all, may his soul rest in peace” He said looking up the sky, ” But Israel, you must agree with me that compared to the world, Gabriel is a minority” He said.
” for me Gabriel will always remain a majority compared to anyone” I told him , he smiled. ” Israel, don’t let anger blind your sight to see what is happening outside, people are dying day by day. Israel, please don’t let anger blind you ” He said and opened the door to his car, ” Ajan” I called him back, ” Yes” he smiled, probably to the fact that I called him Ajan, ” Have you talked to Alvana about this?” I asked , ” Yes, we have ” he said and entered into his car, he drove off. I stood still staring at the blue sky and not knowing what to do when my phone vibrated, it was a call from Alvana. ” Van, how you doing?” I asked him, ” Israel” he called my name and then there was a long silence, ” I think we should go back to save the world” He told me.
” so, I have been in this jungle ever since I was born” I concluded my story that evening, I was with the strange man outside his hut. ” What about you, how did you get to this jungle?” I asked him, he smiled. ” I was meant to be killed but was later spared and dropped here” he smiled, ” I don’t understand you” I said, ” I don’t expect you to understand me” he smiled, ” You have been behaving secretive since morning” I smiled also as he passed me a piece of the yam he was roasting, ” Have you ever been to the outside world, I mean outside this jungle?” He asked , ” No, I only go to the local market to steal at times” I smiled, ” You can actually use your abilities and power to fight the evil ones” He said, ” How do you mean?” I asked him, ” I want to go to the outside world, I have unfinished business there and I want your jungle strength to go with me Darlington ” he told me, ” You even know my name, what should I call you?” I asked him but he kept mute and stirred the yam he was roasting.
” Now rise my armies, rise my warriors” I smiled as I stared at my well trained fighter, it gives me joy anytime I see how strong they have evolved, From Daniel to Charles to Ken and to The Deadliest of them all, Gabriel. It was a good sight to behold seeing my empire grow so big, at last Newriton is about to fall, we have taken down almost all their fighters , almost all. ” Sir, I think delay is dangerous, why don’t we attack Newriton, why should we wait for them to bring the war to us?” Gabriel asked me, he is always ready to kill, he was indeed a worthful investment, all thanks to Scientist John for his knowledge, we applied it. ” Gabi, calm down, let make them look like the bad guys, the bad guys should always bring war to the good guys” I told him, he nodded. ” From my last findings, I discovered that, Ajan and the rest have gone back to bring the spies of old, the strongest set they have ” I said and the place went quiet. Alvana, Matt, Israel and Morgana are indeed problems to us, it was a relieve when I heard they quit Newriton after the rumor that gabi was dead, they had made the institute vulnerable and easy to attack, without them, I got a lot of their fighters and some now even work for me. ” Don’t worry about them boys, with what we have got, we can sure destabilize them, none of them would expect to see the dead Gabriel alive, go and get drunk boys” I told them laughing, just them my phone rang, ” Hello my dear” I smiled as I picked up the phone, I am always happy whenever my only daughter put a call to me, ” Dad, how is your plan going, am doing fine over here” She said to me.
I was shocked to see a black Camry car park In front of my small abode, I wasn’t expecting anyone and for all I know, I hardly have visitors. I came out of the house after peeping through the window for sometime and the inhabitant of the car refuse to come out, I went towards the car. I was almost closing up on it when the door flung open to reveal Gwen, the I.C.T girl of Newriton. ” Hi” I said in shock, ” Surprised to see me?” She asked smiling, ” Surprise should be an understatement, to what do I owe this?” I asked resting on her car, ” We Don’t even know that well, we met only once” I said, ” I know , but once is actually enough to know enough about you” She smiled, ” I don’t get” I said, ” I don’t want you to get” she said holding my hand and shocking me the more, ” Matt” she called my name, ” I want you to come back to Newriton ” She said with a pleading eyes, ” Why should I come back?” I asked her , ” Because you need to save the world” She smiled, ” I don’t want to come back or have anything to do with Newriton” I told her, ” I am of Newriton, that means you don’t wanna have anything to do with me” She smiled, ” You aren’t Newriton” I told her, ” Matt should I tell you something?” She asked, ” Tell me” I said, ” I love you, I know what you might be thinking, that Newriton sent me to play this on you, yes Newriton sent me, but I am also telling you from my heart, please come back” She said as she entered back into her car, ” When you doubt coming back, remember , I love you” She concluded and drove off.
” Okay, this will be the fifth time I will be asking you this, what should I call you?” I asked the strange Man , I don’t know why but he always tries to change the topic whenever I ask him his name, ” These yams are the best I have, they roast well” He said while I smiled, ” I know that, what is your name?” I asked him again, ” What do you need my name for?” He asked staring directly into my eyes, his stares were intimidating and scary, ” Because you know mine and since you are my friend, I need to know your name” I said , ” Okay then, Call me the deadliest of Them All” He said getting up, ” going hunting ” He said.

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The day I had a date with Cynthia

I was pressing my phone, checking omolara’s profile on Facebook, checking her pictures, her status caught my attention “I cursed the day I met you” tears was rolling down my chick, I didn’t know Cynthia was behind me, she took the phone from me and sat beside me, she used her hand to wipe my tears away, it’s like she unlock the tears wit what she did, I stated crying, I brought this upon myself. I stopped crying
Cynthia: am sorry for the way I talked the other time, I am sorry, I know I caused it, but let’s think of how to settle this mess,
Kola also entered,
Kola: guy am sorry, I know I pushed you, let’s find solution to it, Cynthia might lose her home, you can lose your life Daniel, I like you more than death o, you know the chief very well
Me: okay, what should we do?
Kola: let’s kill them now
Me: ehee, no o, I can’t o, infact No
Cynthia: I no get that heart also o, if not for the video, we can hand them over to the police sef
Me: can’t we do that
Kola: (he tap my head) alaye think now, if we involve the police, police will tell chief and chief might know about the video
Me: we can say it is Photoshop now
Cynthia: Daniel, I know my husband, he will go for DNA before his mind can be at rest, he is doubting me before, he can go to U.S to do it,
Me: and he will divorce you? And you will still be rich, and I will marry you
Cynthia: no o, I can’t lose my home o
I felt disappointed with that word
Kola: se I no tell you guy,
Cynthia: tell him what
Me: don’t worry, its nothing, I understand that, you only used me to get a child, then why chasing all the girls around me away, mtthwwww
Cynthia: haha, Daniel, but
Me: (I didn’t allow her to talk) Please let’s go and meet your guard in other to know what this people want
I stood up  left them there, we didn’t talk to each other till we got to the place Benita and the other guy was tied, I felt pity for her, her hair was rough, and she has been beaten, I begged them to leave me and two criminals.
Me: Benita but I begged you then now
Benita: (smile) you beg me, after you played on my intelligence, so you think you can go like that, No
Me: please forgive me, please
Benita: I would have kill you, but I want that chief to kill you himself, cus as soon as he find out, you are gone, I only want to deal with that your girl Cynthia
Me: please
Benita: you only took us, you only have 30 minute left to release me or else
Cynthia, kola and the guard entered when they heard her voice
Kola: or else what?
Benita: we are 3, so what do you expect, the remaining one will loud it, will send the video to your husband, not to your husband alone, on Facebook, instagram, YouTube etc, (smile) so you can kill me, but i won’t die in vain.Cynthia look disturbed
Kola: how sure are you that, if we give you this money, you won’t ask for more again
The other guy talked “you have our word” believe us, we need the money to get out of this country’
Kola: (face me) Daniel can I see you and Cynthia outside
Me: I’m going nowhere, you guys can go and talk, I have nothing to lose guy, imagine, she used me
Kola: guy behave like a guy, I warned you before all this
Me: I know kola, go and see her and we will talk about it later
Cynthia: (she rose to her feet) leave him kola, he has said his mind, he truly has nothing to lose,
Me: yes, I know I will be free from all this, after this I don’t want to have anything to do with you again
Cynthia: before nko, rubbish guy
Guard: stop now she’s your cousin now, and she’s helping you Mr. Daniel (the guy no kuku no anything)
They both went out to talk, they came inside after some minute, kola brought the money, and he collected the two guys’ phone and delete the videos, they promise to delete the remaining one, we believe them and they left.
I saw her on Monday, she pretended as if she didn’t see me, she came to work to give the manger a file, cus she was on leave, she blocked me on whatsapp, I no care. I’m doing my thing. It was break time when she came, she saw me and kike talking, laughing.
Kola message me not to go home after work cus we have something to do before we go home, I called him back but he didn’t pick, I guess he is between his colleague. I waited for him after work, he came with Cynthia and the guard, the guard drive, I entered, I didn’t know where we are going, I asked them. They said I should be calm.
We got to one hotel, they packed outside, the hotel manager came to meet us,
Kola: Daniel, you know you didn’t ask me what I said I wanted to say, (pause) I came up with this idea, I gave Mr. ben(the guard) the work to trail those blackmailer, so this hotel is there hideout, they truly want to travel out according to MR Ben(paused) but before they go, we need to go there, cover our face with this mask (he pointed to the mask and gun), but don’t shoot please, the gun is just for protection in case they want to fight back
Me: (scared) ha, gun?
Cynthia didn’t talk, she was just looking at me, I also bone her
Guard: yes
Hotel manager: please don’t shoot o, if not for the money you gave me, I shouldn’t have allow such o, but money is powerful
We were in the midst of the discussion when we see kike walking into the hotel, it shows she is just coming from office
Me: kike?
Hotel manager: do you know her? she is part of them now
Cynthia: kola that will be the person that set camera, I will blow off her head.
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