Wednesday, December 5, 2018

the oldest woman in my area was an angel

I kept looking around, admiring the ambience and catching glimpse of lovers dancing, kissing and touching each other affectionately. I was really having a nice time, a young man came to sit next to me, he engage me in a convo with naughty vibes .All of a sudden he begun robbing his hands around my thighs, I was kind of feeling tipsy, I felt I was on cloud nine. At that moment I began thanking my stars because I knew that man to give me the ride of my life had shown up in time because of the way I was feeling.. I was getting h---y and all I felt like doing was stripping the man totally naked… Hell no somebody come get me . He asked me if I want to have a private time, I said yes… He pulled me out of the couch and held me by the hand, I followed in suit him not knowing where he was taking me..Blame it on the liquor .We entered the male bath room, he pushed me to the wall and started kissing me… He unzipped his flap, brought out my b----t and began to fondle them and suck them … I couldn’t resist, I took out his c--k and begun to hand job it..He turned my butt towards him with my head facing north while I looked down. Slowly he introduced his hard c--k into my cherry… One guy came out of the washroom, washed his hands and just passed by as the young man banged me so hard from behind… Another guy came out from the third washroom…he notices me as he washed his hands…., he yelled my name
hmm! Find out who that guy was in the next episode…and what happened next
I paused to look at the intruder.Who could possibly be interrupting the session?
NAA DROMOR: Creamy?..
I know you are confused and asking who Creamy is;he’s Lizzy’s secret boyfriend whom my mom never knew about.
I got to know because,his younger brother was in my class & he used to send letters through his brother to me to be given to Lizzy… He’s a thick tall guy just like Andrew, a bit muscular than him and has a brighter complexion as compared to Andrew… He’s hair looked sleek ,his eyes looked small , bright and shiny white,but had thick lips and a well shaped mustache…aside that he’s a calm, simple and a gentle guy just like Andrew….
CREAMY: what are you doing here…?
Before I could explain anything, he pushed the young man and landed a blow on his face, the young man fell on the wall, he tried to get up on his feet by holding the wall.I was frightened and to flee from the scene,I quickly picked my shorts to put on . I had not taken the whole shorts down so I quickly slipped my other leg into it, Creamy held me by the hand and brought me out of the washroom looking so furious… From nowhere the young man hit him from behind, he retaliated which resulted into a brutal exchange.
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the fake pastor of my church

If a prophet had once told me I will be such emotional, I will have gladly refuted his prophecies .The thundering beats of my heart kept increasing to its highest rate as if my heart wants to explode from its cavity, my feet became cold, my legs begun shaking, my body was full of goose bumps and from nowhere tears begun trickling down my cheeks… just like in the movies, everybody was frozen, my mom was looking at me, the tenant looked away in shame…..
MOM:(angrily) What is the meaning of this? Have you been stalking me?
NAA DROMOR:(still in tears) mom I can’t believe you…
MOM:(cuts in angrily) what is this drama about?
She raises her voice, drapes her morning coat around her properly and steps out of her track and draws close to me
NAA DROMOR:(still sobbing) no you explain to us what you are doing in your tenant’s room, on his bed, totally nude? OK I get it, the same ol’ excuse…
With the rest of the words still in my lips about to spill , she lands a hard slap on my face….ooh my God, for the first time in my entire life,my mom slapped me across my face, just because of a man…Lizzy and the tenant stood still just watching our little drama. She yelled at me
MOM:(yelling out of desperation) do you know who this man is? He’s your step father, he’s been the one taking care of you from day one when your father disappeared into the thin air when you were born…he’s been there for you till today…..
Oh no! Oh no!! This was the biggest blow I could ever receive in that year…my mouth was wide open and the tears couldn’t stop flowing…I couldn’t believe I was getting busy with my step father all this while…but the question is, am I to blame?……
MOM:(snarls) you should show this man some respect and give me a little privacy… I want you to render your apology now!!
She yelled at me again… I angrily run out of the room.. Her words kept echoing in my brain, at a point it looked like a telenovela ..I heard foot steps behind me but I didn’t bother to check who it was.
For three days I was locked up in my room , my mom and my cousin had tried several knocks to get me open the door.. When they had all left the house, I will come out for breakfast, and when they had locked the whole house and gone to bed I will come out to have my dinner… This happened for two good weeks… I never set eyes on my family neither did they……now it was getting boring in the house… Andrew hadn’t called me nor sent me any messages all this weeks, Brian doesn’t pick my calls either… One night I was very bored at home, I’ve been locked up in my room for more than two weeks I felt like doing something new, so I called one of my colleagues Asantewaa…she’s the only girl among her four big brothers, she’s from a humble home, yet she’s allowed to go out anytime she’s wants and comes back home peacefully… We spoke at length I told her I was bored at home, she asked me to get dressed she was coming to pick me out so we have a drink….that was a cool idea.. I quickly jumped into the bath, slipped into my hot shorts and a sleeveless top exposing the upper part of my b----t and some cleavage . That was to make a true fashion statement for the night knowing we were going to the club .I wore my sneakers and adorned my body with some cologne… It was past 11pm… The whole house was fast asleep, I sneaked out as soon as Asantewaa called me, I jumped into the taxi and off we went…
She held my hand , we entered the club, the ambience was charged , lit and electrifying . There was music playing so loud . Patrons were moving their bodies to the loud music whiles sipping on their liquors and there I felt all my troubles where gone away at that point because I was having a good time ,all I had to do was to have fun. We sat in a couch, I was served with a drink… It tasted sour but I loved it..she pulled me to the bar to top up and came back with me to have a dance with her but I refused
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the city of war and its great disaster

On the way to the TV station, Natasha kept calling her mother but the phone kept ringing and ringing.
“She’s still not answering?” Tulani asked.
“No,” Natasha said, looking extremely worried.
“Try your dad.” Tulani suggested.
Natasha called her father and he answered after the forth ring. “Baby, where are you?” He sounded almost out of breath.
“Dad, is everything okay? Where’s mum? I’ve been trying to reach her for a while now.”
“Oooh…your mother…she is…she is…she should be sleeping I think.” Bernard stammered through the lie as he looked down at his wife’s sleeping figure on the couch. Having suffered through many episodes of panic attacks in the past, Bernard had learnt to keep Martha’s meds close by in case of such emergencies.
“She had a slight headache so she’s sleeping it off now.” Bernard said, not wanting to tell his daughter the truth because she would automatically start asking about what caused the attack and insist of coming home instead of going to work.
“Is it very serious?” Natasha asked.
“No, not at all. I think it’s just the heat; she still hasn’t adjusted to the change in weather. Where are you right now?”
“Tulani is driving me to work dad,” she answered, suddenly remembering why she had called in the first place. Her excitement quickly returned. “You won’t believe what happened dad! I have been given the chance to host the biggest program at work today.”
Bernard nervously laughed. “That’s good news baby. Your mother and I are very proud of you.” It was all he could tell her. Soon or later she was going to find out the truth about her father and there was nothing they could do as her parents to keep that from happening.
Instead of shielding her from the pain that the truth might bring her, Bernard reasoned that it would be better if she met her father now and draw her own conclusions based on what she sees. He trusted that the daughter he had raised all these years would be wise and strong enough to deal with such a shocking truth.
Silently, Bernard prayed for everything to be okay.
“Give mum a kiss for me and don’t forget to watch the show! Will call later to check how mum’s doing. Love you, bye dad.”
“What’s wrong with mum?” Tulani asked the moment she was done on the phone.
“She has her usual migraines,” Natasha said. “She’s been getting those since we moved here. I think she’s having trouble readjusting to the weather.”
“We will go straight home once the program is done. What does she like to eat?”
Natasha gave him a look.
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act of unlawful manners

I thank God for the inspiration given to write the second part of the story Act Of Faith. We also thank him for making the first part a big success and we also pray he makes the second one more successful.
Secondly, my lovely fans, they have been the best, always there for me, to support and help Gabi. This one is for you o guys, thank you so much, I hope you find this one also good as you saw the first.
I won’t forget to thank uncle Valentine Nkemjika, he gave me the best platform to write, he is always there to encourage me, uncle val thank you very much.
All those my ghost readers, thank you so much too o, thank you all.
You shouldn’t be wondering why I use We instead of I, I got my crews. James Edward, Me, Victor Edegbo, and Etz Sky Prince made the story come to place. I say a very big thank you To James Edward, he has been good, taking time to tell me what is right for business, giving me ideas over ideas. To victor Edegbo, my distribution manager, helping me with distribution of my books, and To Sky Prince, he gave me some inspiration, thank him to.
The Jungle was still, the tall trees shielded the sun from penetrating deep on the little inhabitants of the Jungle. Birds of the air could be seen Singing as they flew from trees to trees, they had nothing to bother about. Looking below the tree level of the jungle, a sculptured mark could be seen at the centre of large buildings surrounding it, everywhere was still. In one of these buildings, is a prison yard for criminals who had been caught by Newriton. Each cell could be seen to contain individual criminal, what a comfortable way to keep them. The thick iron protector preventing each of them from the outside world was electrically operated and at such they couldn’t break through their escape. In a particular prison room, a young, fine man could be seen staring intensely at the electric protector, he seemed to be looking beyond it as he was all focused on what he was looking at. He was all in black and wore a black jacket with a black trouser, he was calm like he couldn’t hurt a fly. Suddenly, the iron protectors to all the prison room swiped open. Surely, the inhabitants of the prisons were surprised but they took chance of what just happened and ran out to sort their escape from the jungle. The man in black did a quick roll from the floor and ran out, the guards were now alerted and two could be seen coming towards him, he immediately did a flying double leg kick and the both guards were soon on the ground. He ran out of the building with the rest of the prisoners to the big open field. Alerted trained fighters could be trying to curb the prisoners with swords, knives and guns, they shot at some of the prisoners, threw knives at some and slashed some with the sword but no one could hold down the Man in black. He was too strong and fast for the fighters, he beat through the fighters and found his way to where bikes were parked but he was shocked to meet a young lady waiting there with a sword. ” Young girl, Leave the way” he shouted as he advanced towards her, ” Beat me away” she said and flung her sword across his head, he simply bent and did a forward roll to her, he did a leg sweeping kick and the girl was soon on the ground, she did a Chinese get up immediately but a back kick sent her back to the ground, she tried staggering up but couldn’t. ” If things were okay, I wouldn’t mind having you as my girl” he smiled as he hopped on one of the bikes and zoomed off dodging bullets and knives, but he wasn’t lucky as one knife caught his back, nevertheless, he never stopped driving, he escaped.

Back in the prison yard, someone in all black could be seen holding an iron electrical change over, changing it down, all the prison room closed up. ” Done ” the person seemed to smile, but the cover face cap that was worn hid the smile.
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the iron hand of my father

I lighted the stove immediately and put some water into the kettle and placed it on the stove.
“Hope you’ve put the water?” My madam shouted from the sitting room.
“Yes ma,” I replied twisting my fingers in fear.
“Come and wash off these napkins immediately,” she ordered sending me running into the sitting room.
She handed me the soiled napkins and I zoomed off with it into the bathroom to wash it.
I had barely soaked the napkin into the water when I heard madam’s voice dishing out another instruction.
“I will skin you alive if you continue wasting my kerosene in this house!” She bawled. “Or do you want to tell me that you don’t know that this hot water is boiling?”
“Sorry ma,” I replied.
“Sorry for your stupid self!” she fired back.
I instantly rinsed my hands and rushed to the kitchen to bring down the hot water.
I didn’t know where the pap I was to prepare was, so I went to the sitting room to ask madam.
“Ma please where is the pap?” I asked trembling with fear.
“Idiot the pap is there!” She fumed pointing at the fridge.
I went to the fridge, brought out the pap, prepared it and took it to her in the sitting room.
Then I went to the bathroom to continue with the napkin.
The baby’s cry filled the entire house and I soon heard my madam’s voice calling me.
“Adaeze!” She called.
“Yes ma,” I replied rinsing my hands once again and running into the sitting room.
“Sing for her, sing for her,” she urged.
“Fine baby don’t cry, fine baby don’t cry,” I broke into an unrehearsed song.
Fortunately for me, the baby stopped crying and listened to my song as she gulped down the warm pap.
When she was done, I carried the plate into the kitchen and washed it off and then went to the bathroom to finish up with the soaked napkin.
Soon, baby went to sleep and madam went to sleep too and I had little time to myself…
The other two children, Nnenna and Chimaobi soon came back from school and scattered their school uniforms, sandals and school bags in the sitting room creating more work for me.
“Where is my food,” Chimaobi asked with an authority that was much stronger than his 3years of age would suggest.
“And mine too!” Nnenna added.
“Its inside the warmer,” I replied.
“Go and get it for us!” Chimaobi ordered.
I wondered how little Chimaobi and Nnenna would be ordering me around.
Little children whom I was older than with nothing less than 10years.
I brought their food from the warmer and gave to them.
If not for the presence of my madam, those children would have had it hot with me but madam’s presence was hell-fire on its own.
Not to talk of when she gets report from any of her children.
I hadn’t taken anything except the two slices of bread and mixed water that I took since morning yet I endured.
I cleared the sitting room and removed the school uniforms, bags and sandals that the children scattered there and went to the bathroom to wash the uniforms.
I had barely started washing the uniforms when madam woke up from sleep.
“Hope the children have eaten,” she asked with bulging sleepy eyes.
“Yes ma, they have,” I replied.
Then she went into the toilet to ease herself.
“Adaeze!” She called.
“Yes ma,” I replied.
“Have you washed this toilet today?” She asked.
“No ma,” I replied.
“If I meet you in that bathroom, I will tear you into pieces!” she threatened.
I rushed off to the balcony to get the mop and bucket to wash the toilet.
“Why didn’t you wash it since morning?” She asked.
“I forgot ma,” I replied.
She gave me a very hard push and I fell backwards and nearly hit my head on the wall.
“Silly a-s!” She cursed and went back to her bedroom.
With tiredness, hunger and exhaustion I washed the toilet.
When I was done, I went back to the bathroom to complete the washing of the children’s school uniforms.
By the time I finished washing the school uniforms, my stomach was tearing apart with hunger.
But I couldn’t muster the courage to tell my madam that I was hungry.
So all I did was to go to one corner of the kitchen and cry silently.
Madam’s husband came back later in the evening and observed that my eyes were red.
“Why are your eyes red?” He asked peering into my face.
“Nothing sir,” I lied in a bid to avoid trouble.
“Have you been crying?” He asked still peering into my eyes.
“No sir,” I lied again.
“Ok have this,” he said handing a can of fruit juice to me.
My face brightened up as he handed the juice to me.
“Thank you sir,” I greeted and went into the kitchen with the can of juice.
I gulped down the entire juice in no time and my stomach calmed a bit.
The family had dinner around 8pm but I wasn’t given anything till I finished washing all the plates and pots used for the dinner.
Then madam put one very small leftover of the food for me, the size of which wasn’t even going to be enough for a toddler and went to bed.
I ate the food fast and retired to my small room to catch some sleep as I was very tired and exhausted
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the events checker with moral lessons

Life has been unfair to me right from the start.
Born into a family of ten: 3boys and 5girls plus mum and dad, survival had been a struggle.
My father was a palm wine tapper and my mum was a petty trader who dealt in foodstuffs.
We lived in a remote village somewhere in the South-eastern part of Nigeria.
My father’s palm wine tapping didn’t earn him much and even after combining with the proceeds of my mum’s petty trading, my parents still couldn’t afford 3square meals to sustain the family.
I was the first child; followed by a male then females before the two last males.
I never went to school even for a day. None of us did.
Then disaster struck.
My father went for his usual palm wine tapping business and never came back.
On dispersal of a search party, it turned out that he fell from the palm tree and died on the spot.
This sudden death of my dad launched my family into more terrible hardship and my mum couldn’t cope.
Things grew worse after my dad’s burial and it became necessary for my mum to send us out to live with different people in the city.
At that time I was 15years old and my immediate younger brother was 13.
It was my late father’s sister that brought up the suggestion to my mother and my mother quickly bought the idea and soon had me introduced to my madam.
In a matter of days, the whole arrangement was concluded and I followed my madam back to the city of Enugu.
The first few days, I was treated well maybe because it was my first day of arrival.
I was shown around the house, taught how to use some of the appliances, I was also shown the little room that was to be my room and also the small mattress that was to be my mattress.
Then I settled in my new home with hope that things would move fine and my madam won’t have any reason to send me home prematurely
A severe lash of cane sent me hurrying to my feet the next morning.
“So you’re still sleeping?” My Madam asked looking ferociously at me. “So you’re still sleeping by 7am?” She repeated lashing out two more strokes of the cane. “Who are you waiting for to clean up the mess in the kitchen and sweep the house?” She asked.
“I’m sorry ma,” I sobbed.
“Come on, go and do your morning function!” She barked as I ran out of the room and into the kitchen.
It wasn’t my fault that I woke up late that morning.
I had overworked myself the previous night clearing up the dishes that was used in preparing and serving the meal for the night.
By the time I finished and went to bed, the night was far gone.
I sobbed as I washed the remaining dishes in the sink and swept the entire house.
“Make sure you fetch water after sweeping that thing,” my madam’s harsh voice reminded me from the bedroom.
“Yes ma,” I replied hurrying up.
The buckets I used in fetching water were those big saclux buckets that were so heavy that I never attempted to fill them to the brim.
I was to fill one very big drum in the front verandah with another at the back.
For more than 3hours I ferried the buckets from well to drum and back.
By the time I finished, I was very hungry and exhausted.
My madam gave me two slices of bread and a cup of mixed water in the name of tea.
The mixed water was tasteless, hot and almost burned my tongue in the first sip.
My madam was married to a well to-do husband and they already had 3kids the last of which was very tender.
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Monday, December 3, 2018

my lesson teacher is a wicked man

There was no way I wanted a family to be in danger just because they desired to help me. The only thing I could do at that point was pray. I prayed that the strange Mr. risking his life for me and my colleague would be safe. I prayed that area boy would not harm Mr. in any way. I prayed that my current ordeal on the third mainland bridge would be over. Mr. asked area boy to get down on his knees and tie the rope to both cars while he watched. That done, Mr. told area boy he would pay him one thousand naira. Area boy flipped and cursed. I pushed two thousand naira into Mrs. hands and begged her to give it to Mr. so we could leave. I had had enough for the night. She refused to collect the money but called Mr. and asked him to pay off the guy. He listened to the voice of reason and the guy left.

Whew!!! Now we needed to tow my car. Mr. asked that I sit in his car with Mrs. and son while he would maneuver mine with my colleague seated beside him. Mrs. got behind the steering and started the car. One move of the car and I realized Mrs. was a learner. This was going to be a very long journey. I tried to encourage her during the drive and admonish her on stepping on the brakes. Finally, we get to Anthony after a few stops and starts. Thankfully, my friends lived just off the expressway and Mrs. did not have to do a test of driving skills. I had called my friends earlier and also my hubby and they kept tabs on us all through the journey. The car was parked in front of my friends’ house and Mr. decides to start the ignition. Voila! It started. He asked if I would drive it home.
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the day i saw a ghost

The engine sputtered and stopped all of a sudden. It was almost 7.00 pm. I was not prepared for this. I turned the ignition again but it refused to power up. My colleague who was in the passenger seat asked if she could help with anything. “Let me hit the battery head”. I told her.
I got out of the car, opened the bonnet and hit the battery head. I tried the ignition again, but it still refused to light up. I was confused. This should not be happening on the third mainland bridge. I had heard stories of people who had been robbed at night on the bridge. I sat in the car for a few minutes thinking of my next line of action. Traffic had slowed and cars passed with occupants gawking at us. A car passed by with about 3 guys in it. “Hey sis, don’t stay in your car. This place is not safe”. One of them said as he rolled down the window. They however, continued on their journey without looking back.
Another car passed by. The window rolled down to reveal another guy telling us to try to get ourselves out of the area. Two ladies and an unresponsive car! How were we supposed to leave here when nobody was willing to help? I removed my work shoes, put them under my seat and retrieved a pair of slippers I had in the car. I carried my portable cassette boombox and my handbag. My colleague looked at me and asked “Where are you going?”
“Home”. I responded. “Home? What about your car?” “My life is more important”. “But the car is not safe”. She said worried. “You can stay with it”. I answered smiling. “No oh, I am going with you”. She said as she started packing up her belongings. Traffic had eased out by this time and cars sped by us. We stood about 10 meters away for the car and flagged down motor bikes (popularly known as okada) but none stopped.
After about 10 minutes of waiting, a car which had initially driven past made a reverse towards us. It was a small red two door car and I wondered who was in it. It parked a few meters away and a man came out and walked towards us.

“Yes, how may I help you?” I attacked. This was no time to trust anyone. He lifted up his hands and said “I only want to help. Two ladies should not be alone on the bridge at this time of the night”. “Thank you”. I said. I peeped behind him to look at his car and noticed a young boy peering at us from the back seat. I also noticed a lady was in the passenger seat. “What is wrong with your car?” He asked. “I don’t know. It just stopped and refused to pick up even after hitting the battery head”.
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the wrath of evil begins at the end(action)

Martha had been watching her husband’s strange behaviour all through dinner. She could tell that some
thing was bothering him and she suspected that whatever it was had something to do with his trip to the mall earlier that day.
“Why aren’t you eating dad?” It appeared Bernard’s sour mood could not escape his daughter either.
Bernard finally gave up pretending to eat and laid his folk down. “I’m sorry, am just not feeling too well.” He then got up and went upstairs. Martha followed him up a few minutes later.
She found him lying on the bed, face up and with eyes closed.
“When are you going to tell me what’s bothering you my husband?” She sat down on the edge of the bed. “What did your daughter say to you?”
Bernard slowly opened his eyes and looked at his wife. “How did you know?”
“Because she is the only person in the world that has this kind of effect on you.”
He sat up. “Martha,” he said.
She said nothing in return, just kept looking at him hoping he would tell her right away.
“I think my daughter is in-love with her brother.”
Martha’s jaw dropped to the ground.
“I think Luyando likes Tulani.” Ben repeated.
Martha still had the same befuddled expression on her face, her lips could not move. Ben was watching her, waiting for her to say something.
“Did she tell you that?” Martha finally managed to separate her Siamese lips.
Ben shook his head. “Not directly, but her actions are suggesting the fact loud enough for a father to know.”
“Maybe you just misunderstood her,” Martha said, willing to consider anything else but. “Maybe she’s just scared that Natasha coming into their lives might expose the lies she told her family.”
“No honey,” Ben insisted. “I might not have raised her, but she’s still my daughter. I know what I’m talking about.”
Martha was back on mute, her mind going over the kind of complications that might arise if something like that came to light. What was going to happen to her daughter? How did that child find herself in such a tangled mess?
“She asked me to convince Natasha to leave Tulani.”
“What?” Martha was looking at her husband like he had already delivered on the betrayal.
“She said that she will tell her family and the police that I threatened to do her harm if she told anyone that I was back in the county.”
“What?” That was the only word at the tip of her tongue.
Ben closed his eyes and tried to hold his breath in an effort to fight back the tears threatening to erupt. He had held it in the whole day but the idea that his own daughter would hate and resent him to such an extent was too strong for him to keep holding it together.
Martha saw the quivering lips of her husband, knowing too well the demons he was fighting. Her decision to move closer and put her arms around him was like the last straw that needed pulling to drive Ben over the wall.
He finally broke down. “What did I turn my daughter into?” He cried.
Gently running her hand through his hair, the determined look in Martha’s eyes suggested she had come to a decision.
Lunch at Tulani Media House was equivalent to a feast at a five star hotel; it was the richest menu Natasha had ever seen at a place of work. If a healthy and delicious lunch menu was part of the motivational package of the company’s HR strategy, then the media company was operating at an all-time high.
Natasha’s head was buried in a plate of delicious pasta when she thought she heard her son’s voice. She paused for a second, pulled her hair behind her ears so she could hear properly and when nothing came, she went back to finishing the business on her plate.
Her three colleagues-turned-friends sitting with her on the table had stopped eating and were all looking at her with bemusement. When she finally cleared her plate, she heaved a sigh of relief, pulled the plate to the side and finally raised her head up.
“I really hate skinny people,” the slightly plump Astridah remarked, shaking her head and looking at Natasha’s empty plate with indignation. “How can you eat so much and still stay that thin? It’s so unfair. Ine I put on weight just from smelling delicious food.”
Natasha, Nicole and Boyd broke out in laughter.
“Every beautiful woman has some deadly flaw hidden somewhere…I think we just uncovered this lady’s flaw today my dear colleagues.” The twenty-six year old Boyd teased his new supervisor.
Natasha finished cleaning her hands and mouth and laid the napkin back on the table before giving each of the three a questioning look. “If you think you’ve just discovered my flaw, wait till you see me naked.” She said in a deliberately stern low key that caused the two other girls to laugh and Boyd to ask;
“Is that an invitation?”
Natasha gave him a blank look.
Boyd laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”
“Your taste in women is too ambitious Boyd,” Astridah said.
“That’s only because you are the only one in this place outside the bracket of women I would love to date,” Boyd fired back.
“Ouch!” Nicole said.
Astridah dipped the tip of her fingers in her glass of water and sprayed it in Boyd’s face. “You are such an arsehole Boyd,” she said. “And just so you know, you are also not my type.”
“Oooh,” Boyd playfully placed his hand over his heart. “I’m touched.”
“I like my men strong and healthy. A skinny little fella like you would be crying for his mama if handled by a woman like me. Heeeeeee maaaami musana ine nafa. ” She was taunting her colleague by making more crying sounds.
Natasha and Nicole busted out laughing while Boyd nursed his bruised ego, genuinely appearing offended by Astridah’s taunting remarks.
“I actually think that the two of you like each other,” Nicole commented.
“Hell no!” the two of them answered at once.
Natasha and Nicole shared knowing looks and started laughing again.
Natasha heard it again, but this time her son’s voice sounded closer than before…like he was right behind her. She slowly turned her head to look and behold, there was Sean in Tulani’s arms right behind her.
“Mum?” Boyd asked.
The whole cafeteria had fallen into silence, with only the sound of soft music playing in the background.
“Sean!” Natasha jumped from her chair. She sent Tulani who was grinning widely at her an admonishing look. “What are you doing here…with him?” she added in a whisper.
“I didn’t get to spend enough time with him yesterday so I thought; why not steal him for a bit over lunch?” Tulani spoke loud enough for the whole room to hear. Natasha immediately regretted having asked the question.
“Mum, dad said we could have lunch together!” The four year old shouted, oblivious to everything happening around him.
“Dad?” Boyd and Astridah asked at the same time.
Luyando picked that very moment to appear at the door of the cafeteria.
Spotting Luyando by the door, Natasha took Sean from Tulani’s arms and started walking towards the door.
Instead of following the two right away, beaming, Tulani leaned in towards the table where the three were seated and said, “yes, that’s my boy!” And he ran after Natasha and Sean, leaving the rest of the room behind drowning in shock.
At the door, Natasha had to stop to give Luyando who was standing right at the centre a chance to step away so she could pass through. But it appeared the CFO had no plans of shifting camp.
“Sis,” Tulani said once he caught up with them. “I was going to bring him over to your office but the little gangster insisted on seeing his mother first. Meet my son, Sean Mapalo Mulenga. Son, this is your Aunt. Say his Aunty Luyando….”
“Hi Aunt Yado,” the boy said.
Tulani was laughing so hard his sides started to hurt. “You gotto love the American accent,” he said whilst clutching his stomach with one hand and pointing the other at his son up in his mother’s arms.
He was the only one having a jolly good time…at the expense of the two women glaring at him indignantly.
“Aren’t you going to answer your nephew sis?” Tulani had suddenly sobered up and was standing up straight and giving his sister a daring look.
Luyando searched every inch of her anatomy and finally managed to conjure up a smile. Patting the four year old on the head she said, “Hi Sean. It’s finally nice to meet you.”
Sean smiled back at his aunt, only able to see what was happening with her lips and not with her eyes.
Luyando’s fiery gaze could light up a whole village.
“We need to pass,” Natasha finally spoke.
Luyando gave her nemesis a look of indignation before stepping aside.
Once in the lift, Natasha put Sean down on his feet and pressed for the lobby.
“Tasha….” Tulani tried to talk to her. He could feel her anger filling up the tiny little space and suffocating him to death.
Natasha held out her hand to shush him. “Don’t even try,” she warned him.
Tulani shut his mouth.
He had been punched and kicked twice by her before. It was not an experience he needed repeating. He was a very fast learner.
When they finally reached their destination, Natasha grabbed Sean’s hand and bolted out of the lift without saying a word to Tulani.
“Where are you going?” Tulani ran after them and grabbed Natasha’s hand to stop her from moving.
They stopped before the security check-point.
“I am taking him back home,” she said lividly. “What were you thinking bringing him here? This is a place of work!”
Apart from the two security guards waiting to get the door for them and the receptionist standing behind her desk and watching them like a scene on a Telemundo soapie, there were only two other people seated by the lounge who appeared oblivious to the drama unfolding on the other side.
“Tasha calm down, look, I’m sorry I brought him over without talking to you first but c’mon, he’s my son too. I only met him yesterday and spent just six hours with him. You had the last four years, can’t you just let me off the hook this once?”
“Are you mad at me mummy?” Sean looked about ready to cry with his big brown eyes looking up at his mother apologetically.
Natasha got down and wrapped him in a hug. “Oh no my baby, I am sorry I shouted but am not mad. I love that you came to see me.”
“You do?” Sean asked.
Natasha nodded. “I do,” she kissed him on both cheeks to reassure him.
Tulani was looking at her like he had just discovered the secret to calming down Armageddon’s wrath.
“No way! To Iyana-Ipaja at this time of the night?” I said shaking my head. By then, it was about 9.30pm. I was not willing to take the risk. “Okay, hop in then. We will drop you off where you can get a cab or bus”. My friends thanked Mr. and Mrs. for their kind gesture and we proceeded on the journey home.
About 30 minutes into the journey home, Mr. and Mrs. see a neighbour of theirs stranded. His car had issues as well. Mr. and Mrs. stop to talk to him regretting they had left the rope still tied to my car and promised to come back with a tow rope from home. “Who are these couple?” I wondered. My colleague and I are dropped at a convenient bus stop and they insist on giving us fare home. I adamantly refuse to collect it but they insist all the same. My colleague and I board a bus and I pay the fare with the money received from the couple and hand over the balance to my colleague. She needs it more than I do. She works as a security guard. I arrive home at almost 11.00pm into the waiting arms of my hubby. We call Mr. and Mrs. to show our appreciation and to inform them that I am safely home. Mr. and Mrs. had gotten home but were on their way back to the neighbour with a tow rope.

Do such people really exist or had I just had an encounter with angels? I still wonder till date.

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my first daughter called joy

“But dad,” Natasha paused before opening her door. “Don’t ever do something like this again, okay?”
“I promise,” Bernard said.
“What happened, Ben?” Martha asked her husband the moment they were in the privacy of their bedroom.
Bernard sat down on the edge of the bed and hung his head down. Martha joined him by his side.
“I met her Martha.”
Instantly, Martha knew who he was referring to. “Where?”
“Outside Tasha’s place of work…she works there too.”
“I know, some strange fate.”
“Who recognized who first? What did she say when she saw you? What did you say to her? How is she? What does she look like? Where has she been? Is she okay? Did she grow up well?” Martha was excited to hear the good news.
Ben had not given up on the search for his daughter despite the many years that had passed. She was relieved that he could finally get some peace of mind now and experience happiness without feeling guilty every time he smiled.
“Everything happened just like I feared honey,” Ben informed his wife.
Suddenly perturbed, Martha gave her husband a questioning look. “She wasn’t happy to see you?”
“She wasn’t.”
“Oh no…but don’t look so beat my love,” she took his hand. “We expected something like this to happen didn’t we? It’s not like you parted on good terms. The two of you just need to sit down and talk so you can properly apologize and beg her for forgiveness.”
“I wish it was that easy,” he said. “But she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.”
“That’s because she is still mad honey, the two of you just reconnected. It will take some time before she can start thinking of you kindly. Just be patient with her for now and keep going to her and do your best no matter how bad she treats you.”
Bernard sighed heavily. “Nothing like that will ever happen.” Tears had welled up in his eyes.
“Why do you say that honey?” Martha asked. “You are scaring me now. What did she say to you?”
Bernard fully turned his body around to look at his wife. “Honey,” he said in a very low voice.
“What is it Ben?” she asked.
He took a deep breath before speaking. “Luyando,” he began. “She arh…she….”
“She said some things….” He continued. “Some pretty awful things about me to her new parents.”
“So she was adopted? Wow, that’s even better. We always feared something bad might have happened to her or that she might have been taken by some bad people.”
“Did you even hear what I said?”
“I’m sorry honey,” she said. “I was just so relieved when I heard adopted. What did she tell her parents? It can’t be that bad. Did she tell them about your drinking?”
“She told them more than that.” Ben was looking down now, unable to repeat the words that his daughter had said to him. How was a man to tell his wife that his own daughter had accused him of violence and rape?
What did she say?” Martha probed her husband.
“The worst things baby, she said the worst things. She accused me of doing some terrible things to her.”
“Honey, look at me,” Martha put her hand under his chin and lifted his head up. “What’s going on? What did she accuse you of?”
The tears Ben had desperately been fighting back since he came home came pouring out. Like the typical man he was, he tried to hide his pain but Martha knew him too well. She moved closer and embraced him.
“Whatever it is, you can talk to me about it honey.” She told him.
Martha waited for him to calm down and when he finally did, he looked her in the eye and finally told her.
“Rape!?” Martha was in deep shock. “She accused you of rape?”
“I never did anything like that to her Martha. I would never touch my daughter like that. Please, please…you have to believe me. No matter how drunk I got, such thoughts never even crossed my mind. I promise you Martha….please, say something.”
Ben, Ben,” she put her hand over his lap. “Relax, I wasn’t quite because I doubt you. Rape? You?” she laughed. “I was just shocked that she would accuse you of something like that. Why did she do that?”
Ben looked relieved upon confirming his wife’s trust in him. “She said it was the only way to ensure they adopted her instead of just leaving her some money and sending her back to me. She wanted to have the kind of life they gave their son.”
“Wow,” was all Martha could manage.
“I don’t know what to do Martha. What am I supposed to do in a situation like this?” He got up from the bed. “My own daughter accused me of rape and physically abusing her because she didn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore.
“If before I didn’t know just how terrible a father I was, now I am more than convinced that I deserved to die instead of Tasila.”
Martha got up and went to stand in front of him. “Don’t say that honey, not even as a joke. Luyando was in a messed up situation but she had no right to accuse you of those things, no matter how upset or hurt she was.”
“She threatened me, said that if I tried to contact her or her parents, she will spread the news that I am a rapist.”
“But we both know that’s not true.” Martha said.
“It’s my word against hers,” he said. “And who can doubt the word of a ten year old? What will happen to Tasha and Alex if Luyando goes through with her threats? I don’t want my children to live through the stigma of having a rapist for a father. Society is very cruel Martha. No one will care about the truth or even bother to search for it.”
“What if I try to talk to her? Do you think she would agree to meet with me?”
“I doubt it,” Bernard said. “She was so upset by the fact that I have a family now. I was not a good father to her and she most probably dislikes it that I managed to turn my life around after she was gone. She would have preferred it if I died or if I was still languishing in the gutter.”
“Don’t say that Ben. Don’t beat yourself over the things she said or did not say. Let’s just think about it for a while and hopefully we can come up with a plan. Right now she’s angry that you’ve reappeared and she probably thinks your presence might endanger her position and security in this new life of hers. Should we tell Tasha about this?”
Ben looked petrified. “I don’t know,” he answered honestly. “Luyando said not to tell her. I am just worried that this may affect Tasha’s opposition at work. What if Luyando gets her fired? I know she is my daughter and I shouldn’t say this about her but, something in her eyes made the hairs at the back of my neck stand out.
“Her mother’s death didn’t just change me, it changed her too. She had become introvert and rarely spoke unless spoken to. She became haughty, short-tempered and she would easily get into fights with others.
“Perhaps, if I had paid a little more attention to her, she wouldn’t have turned out this way. I let her down at the point in her life when she desperately needed me. If after so many years I haven’t been able to forgive myself, I can only imagine what goes on in her mind when she thinks about me. She hates me…and the sad thing is, she has every right to.”
Martha put her arms around him again. “She might have every right to hate you, but she doesn’t have the right to accuse you of things you never did. Let’s just wait for a while, maybe she will come around.
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Tomorrow may be too late(full episode)

my story is a very complicating one, beause growing up was not a easy tast, i lost my parents at an early age and lived with my parents in benin, his wife, mrs toyin, did wicked stuffs to me but i overcame all.
I didn’t know who the first person to find me
was, but the room was filled with policemen
when i regained consciousness. I was still
Unclad with blood on the sheets.
A man with a lot of tribal marks was asking me
questions like who i was, where are my other
gang members, where did we hide the things
we stole from the house. I just kept crying.
Some of the officers were laughing at me, each
was telling the others why they thought my
colleagues had tied me u and left me behind.
Most agreed it was greed, that i was probably
trying to run away with all they had stolen from
the professors house.
That was when I remembered the artwork in
the parlour. That must have been the professor
and his wife. I realised i had been used by the
girl to rob the house, her gang member had
met up with her and……oh my God.
I decided to tell the tribal marked guy all that
happened. He nodded and kept taking notes, i
wondered why he didn’t unbound me, but i
kept talking.
The he asked me two questions.
“What is her name?”
“I don’t know”, i replied.
“His name?”
“I don’t know”
The other policemen started laughing at me. I
wondered if he was going t laugh to but he
didn’t, until he asked me one last question.
“So him Bleep you for yansh?”
Then they all laughed louder, including my
Some minutes later I was handcuffed and taken
to their station, where i was locked up without
charge or trial for two weeks.
On a sunday afternoon, I was suddenly called
from my cell that I had made bail. I got to the counter to see Shade at the other side. She
cried as soon as she saw me, I tried to be
strong but I cried to.
As she drove me to her house, she told me
everybody was looking for me and no one
thought about checking the police station until
my abandoned car was recovered at Dugbe.
“Dapo, tell me, what happened?”
I kept quiet for a while, then i spoke.
H“Its a very short story… but first, please forgive
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how we spent our honeymoon in tokyo

We spent most of the evening talking about the
kind of weakness that made a guy hit a woman
and how it was usually because the guy was
insecure himself. I wondered if I should have hit
Shade to teach her lesson or two.
When it was time to sleep, I asked her to give
me a piece of cloth to cover myself with as I
slept on the couch. she refused.
“Please, sleep beside me. I wouldn’t be able to
sleep if I am alone on the bed. I am scared”
“But I am just a door away” I said, hoping she
insists. But she didn’t.
I tried to force myself to sleep but I couldn’t, I
kept thinking of the lady in the other room. I
really wanted t spend the night inside her, not
on her uncomfortable couch. I wondered if I
could just sneak out of the house and meet up
wit Jes. The drink was working, I was as Hot as
I slept off.
It felt like a dream, like figment of my
imagination. But she was in front of me. she
was Unclad. I closed my eyes again, expecting
the optical illusion to let go of me.
“Why are you closing your eyes, don’t you want
I gasped. This poo was real.
“I was thinking it is the least I can do for all you
have done”
I wanted to say she shouldn’t bother, but that
was foolishness because I wanted her to. I
wanted to bury my face on those ripe looking
b-----s in front of me but I didn’t know how to
go about it.
She took my hand and led me into the room.
She squatted in front of me and fumbled with
my buckle for some time before wriggling it
free. then she caressed pulled my boxers to my
knees and brought out my Joystick. As she
squatted, I could see the dark sheen made by
hair pubic hair, it was beautiful also. Her lovely
legs, one on each side of my leg, were resting
on her toes. her hand grabbed my asss as she
put first the tip of my Joystick in her mouth,
but she went further. I held her head as my
teeth grinded against each other.
After sometime of sucking, she stood up with
legs spread apart, took my hand and put it in-
between. Her warm fluid spread along my
fingers, she moaned as I tickled her.
“I want you to make love to me on his bed”
I carried her up and covered the distance to the
bed, where I placed her gently with legs spread
“Bleep me like I belong to you”
I couldn’t believe my luck.
I plunged into her like my life depended on it.
she let out a scream that was more from
pleasure than pain. Her hands went across my
neck as she moved her waist, meeting me
t----t to t----t.
After coming for the third time that night, I went
to sleep. I woke up to a sensation on my balls.
She was sucking at them. involuntarily i
became hard.
“I want you to Bleep me anally”
a Vaseline that I didn’t notice earlier was
scoped by her, she rubbed it generously against
my Joystick and went on all fours. i faced
some initially resistance when my Joystick
wanted to get in, but after a few rhythmic
t----t, it went in finally. I pumped her with all
that i had. the firs reason was because i like the
way she backed up her bums, the other reason
was i wanted to weaken her o she would let me
sleep. After about Fifteen minutes of heart
wrenching, hair grabbing, ball tickling anal s*x, i
came inside her.
The last thing i remembered as i slept was her
beautiful satisfied face kissing me.
I woke up to a punch on the face. It was the
most painful thing i had ever felt. The man
standing in front of me was atleast 6 foot 4″
with the kind of beards that Rickross would
He must be her husband, i said to myself. I
wanted to flee but his big frame was covering
everywhere, i doubted if apologies would shield
me from further punches.
The girl i had just devoured still slept peacefully
on the bed, i was sure he was going to kill her
after he was done with me.
“I am sorry sir,” I said.
That was followed by a blow to my chest, I fell
back on the bed.
That was when she woke up.
They stared at themselves for a while. i
expected to see fear in her eyes and see hatred
in his but it wasn’t so. I saw defiance in hers
and astonishment in his.
“So you bleeped him?” he asked her, moving
closer to where she was.
“Yes, all night” she replied.
I wanted to beg her to shut up, i was in so
much pain so i kept quiet.
“Where you satisfied, was he any good?”
“Yes, though i have had better”
i didn’t know the kind of hatred she had for him
for saying all these things, but i wanted to be
“You packed the bags, why didn’t you leave?”
he asked her.
“There was no need to be in a hurry, they would
be back on Sunday”.
That was when i knew something was amiss.
“Who are they? I thought your husband was the
one coming on sunday, who is this?” i asked
the girl.
I passed out as the next punch made an impact
with my face.
When i woke up, the lady and her man were
counting some wads of Naira close to the bed.
“Who are you?” I asked the lady.
She smiled back at me, the guy didn’t seem to
bother, all his attention was on the money.
I realised I had been bound to the bed, both my
hands and legs.
“You ask too many questions”, she replied.
“Please just answer me, what is happening
She ignored me again and started arranging the
money in a different bag.
“So much money makes me Hot”, the heavily
bearded guy said.
“Come and Bleep me, i am Hot too” she said.
“I thought he bleeped you all night, ma cherrie?”
“But he is not you, dear”
She started pulling off her pant. I wanted to
throw up.
“No, i can still see his Fluid dripping off your
“So you rather Bleep him?”
He nodded.
I thought it was a joke, all i wanted to do was
beg for my freedom but i didn’t want to
interrupt their discussion, they could see it as
rudeness, I wanted to be polite.
She tossed him the Vaseline, the same one she
had used on me the night before. Then she
pulled my boxers, my butt, all Unclad was
facing the bearded guy. She went to him,
s----d his Joystick for a while, then lubricated
it with the Vaseline she had tossed to him.
I begged, i cried, i threatened, then i begged
some more….the bearded guy didn’t care. he
rammed himself into me.
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