Wednesday, December 5, 2018

act of unlawful manners

I thank God for the inspiration given to write the second part of the story Act Of Faith. We also thank him for making the first part a big success and we also pray he makes the second one more successful.
Secondly, my lovely fans, they have been the best, always there for me, to support and help Gabi. This one is for you o guys, thank you so much, I hope you find this one also good as you saw the first.
I won’t forget to thank uncle Valentine Nkemjika, he gave me the best platform to write, he is always there to encourage me, uncle val thank you very much.
All those my ghost readers, thank you so much too o, thank you all.
You shouldn’t be wondering why I use We instead of I, I got my crews. James Edward, Me, Victor Edegbo, and Etz Sky Prince made the story come to place. I say a very big thank you To James Edward, he has been good, taking time to tell me what is right for business, giving me ideas over ideas. To victor Edegbo, my distribution manager, helping me with distribution of my books, and To Sky Prince, he gave me some inspiration, thank him to.
The Jungle was still, the tall trees shielded the sun from penetrating deep on the little inhabitants of the Jungle. Birds of the air could be seen Singing as they flew from trees to trees, they had nothing to bother about. Looking below the tree level of the jungle, a sculptured mark could be seen at the centre of large buildings surrounding it, everywhere was still. In one of these buildings, is a prison yard for criminals who had been caught by Newriton. Each cell could be seen to contain individual criminal, what a comfortable way to keep them. The thick iron protector preventing each of them from the outside world was electrically operated and at such they couldn’t break through their escape. In a particular prison room, a young, fine man could be seen staring intensely at the electric protector, he seemed to be looking beyond it as he was all focused on what he was looking at. He was all in black and wore a black jacket with a black trouser, he was calm like he couldn’t hurt a fly. Suddenly, the iron protectors to all the prison room swiped open. Surely, the inhabitants of the prisons were surprised but they took chance of what just happened and ran out to sort their escape from the jungle. The man in black did a quick roll from the floor and ran out, the guards were now alerted and two could be seen coming towards him, he immediately did a flying double leg kick and the both guards were soon on the ground. He ran out of the building with the rest of the prisoners to the big open field. Alerted trained fighters could be trying to curb the prisoners with swords, knives and guns, they shot at some of the prisoners, threw knives at some and slashed some with the sword but no one could hold down the Man in black. He was too strong and fast for the fighters, he beat through the fighters and found his way to where bikes were parked but he was shocked to meet a young lady waiting there with a sword. ” Young girl, Leave the way” he shouted as he advanced towards her, ” Beat me away” she said and flung her sword across his head, he simply bent and did a forward roll to her, he did a leg sweeping kick and the girl was soon on the ground, she did a Chinese get up immediately but a back kick sent her back to the ground, she tried staggering up but couldn’t. ” If things were okay, I wouldn’t mind having you as my girl” he smiled as he hopped on one of the bikes and zoomed off dodging bullets and knives, but he wasn’t lucky as one knife caught his back, nevertheless, he never stopped driving, he escaped.

Back in the prison yard, someone in all black could be seen holding an iron electrical change over, changing it down, all the prison room closed up. ” Done ” the person seemed to smile, but the cover face cap that was worn hid the smile.

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