Wednesday, December 5, 2018

the fake pastor of my church

If a prophet had once told me I will be such emotional, I will have gladly refuted his prophecies .The thundering beats of my heart kept increasing to its highest rate as if my heart wants to explode from its cavity, my feet became cold, my legs begun shaking, my body was full of goose bumps and from nowhere tears begun trickling down my cheeks… just like in the movies, everybody was frozen, my mom was looking at me, the tenant looked away in shame…..
MOM:(angrily) What is the meaning of this? Have you been stalking me?
NAA DROMOR:(still in tears) mom I can’t believe you…
MOM:(cuts in angrily) what is this drama about?
She raises her voice, drapes her morning coat around her properly and steps out of her track and draws close to me
NAA DROMOR:(still sobbing) no you explain to us what you are doing in your tenant’s room, on his bed, totally nude? OK I get it, the same ol’ excuse…
With the rest of the words still in my lips about to spill , she lands a hard slap on my face….ooh my God, for the first time in my entire life,my mom slapped me across my face, just because of a man…Lizzy and the tenant stood still just watching our little drama. She yelled at me
MOM:(yelling out of desperation) do you know who this man is? He’s your step father, he’s been the one taking care of you from day one when your father disappeared into the thin air when you were born…he’s been there for you till today…..
Oh no! Oh no!! This was the biggest blow I could ever receive in that year…my mouth was wide open and the tears couldn’t stop flowing…I couldn’t believe I was getting busy with my step father all this while…but the question is, am I to blame?……
MOM:(snarls) you should show this man some respect and give me a little privacy… I want you to render your apology now!!
She yelled at me again… I angrily run out of the room.. Her words kept echoing in my brain, at a point it looked like a telenovela ..I heard foot steps behind me but I didn’t bother to check who it was.
For three days I was locked up in my room , my mom and my cousin had tried several knocks to get me open the door.. When they had all left the house, I will come out for breakfast, and when they had locked the whole house and gone to bed I will come out to have my dinner… This happened for two good weeks… I never set eyes on my family neither did they……now it was getting boring in the house… Andrew hadn’t called me nor sent me any messages all this weeks, Brian doesn’t pick my calls either… One night I was very bored at home, I’ve been locked up in my room for more than two weeks I felt like doing something new, so I called one of my colleagues Asantewaa…she’s the only girl among her four big brothers, she’s from a humble home, yet she’s allowed to go out anytime she’s wants and comes back home peacefully… We spoke at length I told her I was bored at home, she asked me to get dressed she was coming to pick me out so we have a drink….that was a cool idea.. I quickly jumped into the bath, slipped into my hot shorts and a sleeveless top exposing the upper part of my b----t and some cleavage . That was to make a true fashion statement for the night knowing we were going to the club .I wore my sneakers and adorned my body with some cologne… It was past 11pm… The whole house was fast asleep, I sneaked out as soon as Asantewaa called me, I jumped into the taxi and off we went…
She held my hand , we entered the club, the ambience was charged , lit and electrifying . There was music playing so loud . Patrons were moving their bodies to the loud music whiles sipping on their liquors and there I felt all my troubles where gone away at that point because I was having a good time ,all I had to do was to have fun. We sat in a couch, I was served with a drink… It tasted sour but I loved it..she pulled me to the bar to top up and came back with me to have a dance with her but I refused

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