Wednesday, December 5, 2018

the oldest woman in my area was an angel

I kept looking around, admiring the ambience and catching glimpse of lovers dancing, kissing and touching each other affectionately. I was really having a nice time, a young man came to sit next to me, he engage me in a convo with naughty vibes .All of a sudden he begun robbing his hands around my thighs, I was kind of feeling tipsy, I felt I was on cloud nine. At that moment I began thanking my stars because I knew that man to give me the ride of my life had shown up in time because of the way I was feeling.. I was getting h---y and all I felt like doing was stripping the man totally naked… Hell no somebody come get me . He asked me if I want to have a private time, I said yes… He pulled me out of the couch and held me by the hand, I followed in suit him not knowing where he was taking me..Blame it on the liquor .We entered the male bath room, he pushed me to the wall and started kissing me… He unzipped his flap, brought out my b----t and began to fondle them and suck them … I couldn’t resist, I took out his c--k and begun to hand job it..He turned my butt towards him with my head facing north while I looked down. Slowly he introduced his hard c--k into my cherry… One guy came out of the washroom, washed his hands and just passed by as the young man banged me so hard from behind… Another guy came out from the third washroom…he notices me as he washed his hands…., he yelled my name
hmm! Find out who that guy was in the next episode…and what happened next
I paused to look at the intruder.Who could possibly be interrupting the session?
NAA DROMOR: Creamy?..
I know you are confused and asking who Creamy is;he’s Lizzy’s secret boyfriend whom my mom never knew about.
I got to know because,his younger brother was in my class & he used to send letters through his brother to me to be given to Lizzy… He’s a thick tall guy just like Andrew, a bit muscular than him and has a brighter complexion as compared to Andrew… He’s hair looked sleek ,his eyes looked small , bright and shiny white,but had thick lips and a well shaped mustache…aside that he’s a calm, simple and a gentle guy just like Andrew….
CREAMY: what are you doing here…?
Before I could explain anything, he pushed the young man and landed a blow on his face, the young man fell on the wall, he tried to get up on his feet by holding the wall.I was frightened and to flee from the scene,I quickly picked my shorts to put on . I had not taken the whole shorts down so I quickly slipped my other leg into it, Creamy held me by the hand and brought me out of the washroom looking so furious… From nowhere the young man hit him from behind, he retaliated which resulted into a brutal exchange.

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