Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Greatest mistake i made was falling in love

Benny woke up with an headache,she had cried before falling asleep
Good morning ma*she greated mrs Dim who was beside her
Morning dear, I guess it time for you to go home, you have done more than enough
okay ma*she stood up and stretched herself lazily*
take care of yourself mrs Dim said
Instead of going home Benny took a taxi to Vivian s place, they hadn’t talk since the incident that happened between them.Vivian was a student at uni lag but she stayed off camp.She barged into the house without even knocking, Vivian was to occupied with her morning s*x that she didn’t even take note of Benny’s presence.She had to clap her hands to announce her presence.Vivian disengaged immediately she had thought it was her neighbour Jemilla since she had actually stolen Daniel from her.
Daniel picked up his clothes and left quite
Dont you have manners? she asked Benny angrily
Sorry about that. Who was that guy, have you broken up with Temi.
Please spare me the lecture.I go out with any guy i want
Why are you here? I thought you now see me as a bad person for helping you out
Am sorry. Phillip dosent have a d--n feeling for me
She explained what happened at the hospital to her
Now that witch is out of the country you have your chances, you look worn out please go and have a shower and stop bothering your pretty self for nothing.
Don’t you want to call him Noami asked after hearing Sophie’s story
I don’t have a phone
you can use mine, she handed her phone
thanks Noami.
The phone rang and it was picked up immediately
Hello phil, it Sophie
The line went dead and Sophie wondered what happened, she tried again but it wasn’t reachable. She continued trying but same not reachable. She handed Noami her phone devastated.
Benny was at the hospital and she picked the call, she ended it when she heard Sophie’s name.She put it off immediately.
Let me see how they communicate she smilled wickedly.
Two months later, just as priscillia had promised she arranged for lagos. Omoye had tried to prevent her but all hr effort were useless priscillia had already made up her mind. She could feel her heart beat faster, she was really scared. She hadn’t been to the house for 10years.The driver parked the car in the address she had given him
Are you sure this the place? she asked her driver who seemed to know everywere in lagos
yes madam
maybe it is she thought in her mind.She hadn’t been here for ages, everything has changed. Henry had turned it to a massive massion. She came out slowly as she knocked the gate, she was scared of her daughters reaction and most especially she couldn’t place the excitement she felt at the thought of seeing Henry, every part of it wanted it.
She knocked the gate slowly
Good afternoon, who you dey fin? Aminu asked
Emm, my daughter Sophie Douglas
Na you be her mama, I b think say her mama don die
Will you shut up your mouth, where is my daughter she asked angrily
She don commot
I don’t understand, you mean she isn’t at home?
She go another planet
Priscillia gave a short laugh, she concluded probably Sophie went to a friends place. She decided to wait in the car.She waited the whole day, she had given her driver money to go and book an hotel for two, though she wasn’t sure if she would join him later.
Tired of waiting she decided to go to his hospital, probably she would get the answers she was looking for. She wanted badly to ask Henry why he allows their daughter to go out for that long. She asked around for HSP(Henry,Sophie Priscillia) hospital, though she wasn’t sure if the name had been changed since she was no longer a part of their lives. She got into the building with her feets trembling.
She walked into the building , she asked his secretary about him, though she didn’t understand why his secretary was acting somehow like a jelouse puppet. She pleaded with her not to reveal her identity to Henry, she wanted it to be a suprise, Bola had refused claiming she doesn’t want to loose her job but Priscillia assured her she had nothing to lose.
She took a deep breath and knocked at the door.
Henry opened the door immediately, he was actually about going out. Priscillia could see the expression on his face, he looked just like a child that lost his candy.She couldn’t alter a word but stared at him, As usual he was looking deadly handsome he wasn’t aging at all even at 42.His heart was filled with joy he couldn’t imagine he was Seing his prisci as beautiful as ever. He just couldn’t help but stare more.He heard her mutter some words
What? he asked not sure of what he heard
Where is my daughter
Come in lets talk. *he opened the door wider for her to come in.*
please sit down he said.
She stood still, am not here for pleasantries , where is Sophie have been at your house she wasn’t there.
I sent her abroad
What? she said angrily. Henry she is not only your daughter but also mine.Why did you take such decision without letting me know?
Am sorry prisci, many things have happened of recent. Priscillia broke down crying, Henry tried to calm her down but all his efforts were fruitless. He explained everything to her
You wanna know why all this happened she asked still crying
Henry kept quiet
We were never there for her, we pushed her outside , we are both cowards.She took her handbag and stood up. Henry pulled her back
Prisci it raining outside, you can’t go outside
I can live me alone ,she struggled for him to let her hand go but Henry tightened his grip.
I should have done this a long time ago he said as he leaned towards her and gave her a kiss.
Priscillia dropped her handbag and held his neck.they kissed passionately like tennagers who just fell inlove

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