Friday, June 7, 2019

My father's wise for his children

I laid on my bed when school was over for the
day, I had just finished my assignment. I decided
to call my Father, he and I were pretty close,
guess you could say I was a daddy’s girl
“Milia dear how was school today”
“Pretty hectic, we have a test coming up its hell,
how’s church and all?”
“Its fine..just ask Him for directions, he will guide
you..have you read today?”
“Yea I went to the library”
“Ok.your mom says hi ,Janet too..are you about
to sleep?”
“Yes..just wanted to say goodnight..and that I
love you Dad”
“I love you too my angel..don’t let me keep you
up, remember I always pray for you, have a
pleasant rest” I smiled as I cut, I felt contented,
it was a feeling I associated with speaking with
my Father. I said my prayer and slept off.
I woke up to something crawling on my skin, I hit
at it, ended up slapping myself, I slept again, it
came again then again as I kept slapping myself
then awoke fully, Rebecca went running..
“Oh you..I ll get you” I got out of bed and
pursued her around the room hitting her severally
with the pillow when I caught her
“Your so mean” I said.
“Somebody had to wake you up”she replied
We made up and got ready for class which was
by 8am, Rebecca was my roommate off
campus..I had stayed in the hostel with my sister
before I moved in with her a year ago..she was
the best roommate there was, maybe because
we were good friends..
” so I was thinking you should wear the black
skirt instead” I looked at her
“Rebecca..I think you are letting Serena get in
your head”
“What..I just prefer you on the black its …”
“Tighter.. Who am I showing my curves to..I
appreciate you being nice about it but if you
tryna change me..I’d totally hate you for it”
“You getting it all wrong.. It just looks better on
“So I am sticking with the one that doesn’t” I
couldn’t believe she was tryna change me too..
We finally got to class..Serena came right at me
pulling me away
“Hey your sitting with me ..I kept a seat”she
looked at Rebecca daring her to oppose
” But Rebecca and I usually sit together”I
“Im sure she ll be fine without you for one class,
you talk to other people in class rii?” She asked
Rebecca who sighed
“Emilia just go” she said
“You sure?” But she d already gone to look for a
seat in the already crowded lecture hall, I
groggily went with Serena wondering what she
wanted..We never sat together in class because
her clique of friends weren’t nice, she’d really
kept a seat for me. We sat in silence before they
started talking about the party of course, the
preparations and all, I tried to not be interested
but they pulled me in..
“So why can’t you come again?” Serena asked
“Cos I can’t.. I don’t do parties”
“Ok..because you all churchy..don’t you guys
have any social life in fellowship?”
“We do..not just the kind you d like” I replied
“Well I d like to come see…when’s your
I gulped..what “really you wanna come?” I
glanced at her friends who looked shocked at
her like she just said she wanted to comit
“Yeah..why my friend right”
“Well we d be delighted to have you..its
Wednesday 4pm”
“Ok you can call me when your going”
“Cool” I said then turned to look for Rebecca
who wasn’t looking at us but talking with another
classmate of ours, she seemed ok..but I found
my way back to her after class.
The next day I went to the library to read up
some stuff for my upcomig text in physiology,
being a medical student was not easy, so many
things to read in so little time, a car pulled over
with loud music, I walked on till I heard my
sisters voice
“Emily get in the car”, the car was a black.Benz,
I was shocked to the core as I wondered what
she was doing in some strange guys car..
” I ll walk thanks ”
“Stop being dramatic and get it”
I rolled my eyes at her but got in, the guy drove
“Where you coming from?”
“,of course” she said
“Watsup” I looked at the driver, the guy was cute
in a rough kind of way, he had a bandana on his
head and toothpick in his mouth
“This is Donald..that’s Emilia my sister”
“Where you from..she’s prettier”
“That’s what he said” she said dismissively, she
looked at me
“Did you get what I askend you?”
“Not gone home yet..prepping for a test”
Erica looked me up”you went to class like this? “,
I decided to say nothing, everyone kept talking
about my dressing maybe it was really bad.
Erica got down with me at my hostel, waving to
Donald we went in
“Did you cook..I am famished”
“I ll just warm the soup”
“I am in no.mood for swallow, fix up something”
I decided to make indomie for her
“So Donald uh..hes your boyfriend?”
“Yeah..he cute uh?”
” well hes ok..your type”
“Yea my type..don’t want no religiousnigga
around me”
I paused”you know you can’t present him to Dad”
My sister stared at me then laughed so hard I
wonder what I said
“Did I say something wrong?”
“Of course you did..what makes you think I ll
marry him?”
“Well hes..because hes your boyfriend”
“You so naive, check the food please”
“Why didn’t he take you to lunch?”
“We were I have a sister who cooks
why would I waste money” she said, rolling my
eyes I focused on the indomie. She slept over
that night and I said a prayer for her that she
shouldn’t go too far away from God.
We had fellowship that Wednesday, it was the
first since resumption and I greeted persons I
hadn’t seen since the holidays, as I greeted
Sister Diana, I looked up and met the eyes of our
president Martins, I looked down quickly not
wanting him to see my blush, I had developed a
stupid crush on him since we started working
together, well he was really good looking and a
Christian, most sisters wanted God to speak to
him on their behalf. Whenever he preached, I
paid full attention with butterflies in my stomach,
it seemed he had noticed me too because we
were very close as he but I didn’t want to
assume, he was nice to everyone. He had
reached me as I tried to arrange the offering
” Sister Emilia, how nice to see you again”
“Yeah me too..did you gel your hair?”
“You noticed..well just something my sister was
trying on does it look”
“Well.. good..she did a great job”
“I gues am her model..she’s into hair products”
“Ok, good thing she doesn’t even have to pay you
to market her business”
He chuckled revealing a dimple on his left cheek
and butterflies started again, he got serious”I
wanted to speak to young concerning the bus
project..we could call a meeting with the excos
so we can full deliberate on it”
“Well of course.. Would arrange it..say Saturday”
“That’s was the hols?”
“Great..kind of long”
“ was short for me..what with the
presidential work to come back to.. I needed the
“Are you complaining?”
“Gods work.. No way” Diana came to ask him
about something and he excused himself and
left..I stared after him ..maybe he was the
one..maybe not..but I really enjoyed talking with
Serena wasn’t able to make it that Wednesday
but swore she d come the next. I was really
excited for her to come to church. We wrote the
test on Friday of that week, I didn’t do so well as
the questions seemed difficult but I hoped the
result came out well.
“I don’t know why you insist on me coming to
the party, I d be a total nuisance, I can’t dance,
socialize.. or dress up” I said for the upteeth
time to Serena who didn’t want to give up, we
just came out from the library
“I just want you to be there..its my brothers
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Narration of love

It has been two years now since I last went to Newriton , I was gradually forgetting the fact that I was once a spy and I was having a perfect love life with my now Fiance, Ann. I had propose to her a year ago and she had even introduced me to her parents. I was surprised how freely her people accepted me despite the fact that I come from the western part of the country and she from the east. I used the money I saved during my stay in Newriton to open a big complex in which I train kids the basics of Martial art and it happens to be actually booming as the kids seem to be growing strong and matured day by day. Most times, Ann will escort me to the complex to see my students, she was always happy and joyous being with them. Yes, one more thing, I have confided in my wife by telling her am a spy, or better put, that I was once a spy. I don’t want what happened to gabi ( may his soul rest in peace) to repeat itself in my case. I told her hoping she would get angry with me but no, she took it maturely although at times she would look at me with doubtful eyes, she would always say I don’t look like who was a spy. So that is how life had been, I still keep close friendship with Alvana , Matt and even Christiana. This particular morning, I was in my complex busy with my kids as usual, ” Alex, that is not how you do it, you kick with the leg behind, so anytime you want to kick, you simply change your stance to keep your most comfortable leg behind” I told Alex, he was one of my very fast learning students. ” I am trying” he told me, ” Alex, you have been behaving sluggish since morning, you are not behaving like the Alex I use to know, what is the problem?” I asked him, truly, he has been behaving awkward since morning, he wasn’t like the strong vibrant guy I know. ” Master Israel, you are gonna die soon” he told me as he immediately busted into tears, I pulled his head closer to my chest and smiled, ” Die? How do you mean?” I asked him , ” I dreamt of you being killed, you were all in black and a tall guy with fine face also in black killed you” he explained, ” Hmm, Alex having nightmares again?” I asked him smiling, ” No Master Israel, this same mark on your wrist was on his wrist also” He told me. ” You say he is tall?” I asked him, he nodded. ” A tall guy that has the mark of Newriton, a perfect description of Gabriel ” I thought. ” Master Israel, a man with a black car and wearing a black suit is outside looking for you” One of my students shouted from the entrance, I peeped through the window, it has been two years now and am seeing Sir Ajan again.
I sat down outside my poultry farm this particular morning, my employees were all inside taking care of my customers . A small black car soon pulled up in front of my farm, I smiled because I thought it was yet another big customer, shockingly, Sir Akpena of Newriton gently came down the car. ” What?” I asked myself as I stood up quietly and advanced towards him, I did not want to cause a scene. ” What are you doing here?” I asked him, ” Jason, it has been two years” he started, ” Yes, two years that I made the choice of living a better life” I told him resting my right leg on the back tyre of his car, ” No, two years since you decided to leave the world to itself, two years since you decided to leave the world to doom” he told me, ” I can’t save the world, I can’t risk my life in saving the world when after my death , I won’t be remembered, I can’t work for an institute that derives pleasure in seeing their fighters go through pains and die” I countered him, ” Jason, all that happened wasn’t our fault, about one year after you guys left, it was discovered that Sir Ajan had been bugged, Sir Jude got us through the bug, who ever did it, I dont know. And as for the part that you won’t be remembered, have you been to Newriton lately, have you seen the edifice statue of Gabriel that was built in memory of him?” He asked, ” The statue isn’t Gabriel, the statue won’t bring back Gabriel. And as for the lie of sir Ajan being bugged, you don’t think you can buy me over with that do you?” I asked him, ” Jason, I rather don’t say anything than lie, that’s my principle” He said, ” Jason, please come back and save the world, the world need you guys, people are dying, children are being wasted , Children are being displaced, we have lost more than fifty of our own spies, Jason, please accept my plea and talk to the rest to accept” he knelt down, ” I have ripped off my pride to beg you, Jason please when next you have doubt coming back to save the world, just know that your mom might be among the victims of the Manhunter one day” He concluded as he opened the door to his car, ” Jason, think well and think right” were his final statement.
” sir Ajan” I called as I went towards him, he stretched put his hand for a handshake but I refused it, ” I expected that” he smiled, ” Nice complex” He smiled looking at my complex, ” Thanks, what brings you here?” I asked him, ” Israel, it has been 730 days and some months since you guys took this decision of leaving the world to itself” He said , ” Hmm, it has also been 730 days and some months since you guys led Gabriel to his death” I told him , ” Hmm, Gabriel, the deadliest of them all, may his soul rest in peace” He said looking up the sky, ” But Israel, you must agree with me that compared to the world, Gabriel is a minority” He said.
” for me Gabriel will always remain a majority compared to anyone” I told him , he smiled. ” Israel, don’t let anger blind your sight to see what is happening outside, people are dying day by day. Israel, please don’t let anger blind you ” He said and opened the door to his car, ” Ajan” I called him back, ” Yes” he smiled, probably to the fact that I called him Ajan, ” Have you talked to Alvana about this?” I asked , ” Yes, we have ” he said and entered into his car, he drove off. I stood still staring at the blue sky and not knowing what to do when my phone vibrated, it was a call from Alvana. ” Van, how you doing?” I asked him, ” Israel” he called my name and then there was a long silence, ” I think we should go back to save the world” He told me.
” so, I have been in this jungle ever since I was born” I concluded my story that evening, I was with the strange man outside his hut. ” What about you, how did you get to this jungle?” I asked him, he smiled. ” I was meant to be killed but was later spared and dropped here” he smiled, ” I don’t understand you” I said, ” I don’t expect you to understand me” he smiled, ” You have been behaving secretive since morning” I smiled also as he passed me a piece of the yam he was roasting, ” Have you ever been to the outside world, I mean outside this jungle?” He asked , ” No, I only go to the local market to steal at times” I smiled, ” You can actually use your abilities and power to fight the evil ones” He said, ” How do you mean?” I asked him, ” I want to go to the outside world, I have unfinished business there and I want your jungle strength to go with me Darlington ” he told me, ” You even know my name, what should I call you?” I asked him but he kept mute and stirred the yam he was roasting.
” Now rise my armies, rise my warriors” I smiled as I stared at my well trained fighter, it gives me joy anytime I see how strong they have evolved, From Daniel to Charles to Ken and to The Deadliest of them all, Gabriel. It was a good sight to behold seeing my empire grow so big, at last Newriton is about to fall, we have taken down almost all their fighters , almost all. ” Sir, I think delay is dangerous, why don’t we attack Newriton, why should we wait for them to bring the war to us?” Gabriel asked me, he is always ready to kill, he was indeed a worthful investment, all thanks to Scientist John for his knowledge, we applied it. ” Gabi, calm down, let make them look like the bad guys, the bad guys should always bring war to the good guys” I told him, he nodded. ” From my last findings, I discovered that, Ajan and the rest have gone back to bring the spies of old, the strongest set they have ” I said and the place went quiet. Alvana, Matt, Israel and Morgana are indeed problems to us, it was a relieve when I heard they quit Newriton after the rumor that gabi was dead, they had made the institute vulnerable and easy to attack, without them, I got a lot of their fighters and some now even work for me. ” Don’t worry about them boys, with what we have got, we can sure destabilize them, none of them would expect to see the dead Gabriel alive, go and get drunk boys” I told them laughing, just them my phone rang, ” Hello my dear” I smiled as I picked up the phone, I am always happy whenever my only daughter put a call to me, ” Dad, how is your plan going, am doing fine over here” She said to me.
I was shocked to see a black Camry car park In front of my small abode, I wasn’t expecting anyone and for all I know, I hardly have visitors. I came out of the house after peeping through the window for sometime and the inhabitant of the car refuse to come out, I went towards the car. I was almost closing up on it when the door flung open to reveal Gwen, the I.C.T girl of Newriton. ” Hi” I said in shock, ” Surprised to see me?” She asked smiling, ” Surprise should be an understatement, to what do I owe this?” I asked resting on her car, ” We Don’t even know that well, we met only once” I said, ” I know , but once is actually enough to know enough about you” She smiled, ” I don’t get” I said, ” I don’t want you to get” she said holding my hand and shocking me the more, ” Matt” she called my name, ” I want you to come back to Newriton ” She said with a pleading eyes, ” Why should I come back?” I asked her , ” Because you need to save the world” She smiled, ” I don’t want to come back or have anything to do with Newriton” I told her, ” I am of Newriton, that means you don’t wanna have anything to do with me” She smiled, ” You aren’t Newriton” I told her, ” Matt should I tell you something?” She asked, ” Tell me” I said, ” I love you, I know what you might be thinking, that Newriton sent me to play this on you, yes Newriton sent me, but I am also telling you from my heart, please come back” She said as she entered back into her car, ” When you doubt coming back, remember , I love you” She concluded and drove off.
” Okay, this will be the fifth time I will be asking you this, what should I call you?” I asked the strange Man , I don’t know why but he always tries to change the topic whenever I ask him his name, ” These yams are the best I have, they roast well” He said while I smiled, ” I know that, what is your name?” I asked him again, ” What do you need my name for?” He asked staring directly into my eyes, his stares were intimidating and scary, ” Because you know mine and since you are my friend, I need to know your name” I said , ” Okay then, Call me the deadliest of Them All” He said getting up, ” going hunting ” He said.

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The day I had a date with Cynthia

I was pressing my phone, checking omolara’s profile on Facebook, checking her pictures, her status caught my attention “I cursed the day I met you” tears was rolling down my chick, I didn’t know Cynthia was behind me, she took the phone from me and sat beside me, she used her hand to wipe my tears away, it’s like she unlock the tears wit what she did, I stated crying, I brought this upon myself. I stopped crying
Cynthia: am sorry for the way I talked the other time, I am sorry, I know I caused it, but let’s think of how to settle this mess,
Kola also entered,
Kola: guy am sorry, I know I pushed you, let’s find solution to it, Cynthia might lose her home, you can lose your life Daniel, I like you more than death o, you know the chief very well
Me: okay, what should we do?
Kola: let’s kill them now
Me: ehee, no o, I can’t o, infact No
Cynthia: I no get that heart also o, if not for the video, we can hand them over to the police sef
Me: can’t we do that
Kola: (he tap my head) alaye think now, if we involve the police, police will tell chief and chief might know about the video
Me: we can say it is Photoshop now
Cynthia: Daniel, I know my husband, he will go for DNA before his mind can be at rest, he is doubting me before, he can go to U.S to do it,
Me: and he will divorce you? And you will still be rich, and I will marry you
Cynthia: no o, I can’t lose my home o
I felt disappointed with that word
Kola: se I no tell you guy,
Cynthia: tell him what
Me: don’t worry, its nothing, I understand that, you only used me to get a child, then why chasing all the girls around me away, mtthwwww
Cynthia: haha, Daniel, but
Me: (I didn’t allow her to talk) Please let’s go and meet your guard in other to know what this people want
I stood up  left them there, we didn’t talk to each other till we got to the place Benita and the other guy was tied, I felt pity for her, her hair was rough, and she has been beaten, I begged them to leave me and two criminals.
Me: Benita but I begged you then now
Benita: (smile) you beg me, after you played on my intelligence, so you think you can go like that, No
Me: please forgive me, please
Benita: I would have kill you, but I want that chief to kill you himself, cus as soon as he find out, you are gone, I only want to deal with that your girl Cynthia
Me: please
Benita: you only took us, you only have 30 minute left to release me or else
Cynthia, kola and the guard entered when they heard her voice
Kola: or else what?
Benita: we are 3, so what do you expect, the remaining one will loud it, will send the video to your husband, not to your husband alone, on Facebook, instagram, YouTube etc, (smile) so you can kill me, but i won’t die in vain.Cynthia look disturbed
Kola: how sure are you that, if we give you this money, you won’t ask for more again
The other guy talked “you have our word” believe us, we need the money to get out of this country’
Kola: (face me) Daniel can I see you and Cynthia outside
Me: I’m going nowhere, you guys can go and talk, I have nothing to lose guy, imagine, she used me
Kola: guy behave like a guy, I warned you before all this
Me: I know kola, go and see her and we will talk about it later
Cynthia: (she rose to her feet) leave him kola, he has said his mind, he truly has nothing to lose,
Me: yes, I know I will be free from all this, after this I don’t want to have anything to do with you again
Cynthia: before nko, rubbish guy
Guard: stop now she’s your cousin now, and she’s helping you Mr. Daniel (the guy no kuku no anything)
They both went out to talk, they came inside after some minute, kola brought the money, and he collected the two guys’ phone and delete the videos, they promise to delete the remaining one, we believe them and they left.
I saw her on Monday, she pretended as if she didn’t see me, she came to work to give the manger a file, cus she was on leave, she blocked me on whatsapp, I no care. I’m doing my thing. It was break time when she came, she saw me and kike talking, laughing.
Kola message me not to go home after work cus we have something to do before we go home, I called him back but he didn’t pick, I guess he is between his colleague. I waited for him after work, he came with Cynthia and the guard, the guard drive, I entered, I didn’t know where we are going, I asked them. They said I should be calm.
We got to one hotel, they packed outside, the hotel manager came to meet us,
Kola: Daniel, you know you didn’t ask me what I said I wanted to say, (pause) I came up with this idea, I gave Mr. ben(the guard) the work to trail those blackmailer, so this hotel is there hideout, they truly want to travel out according to MR Ben(paused) but before they go, we need to go there, cover our face with this mask (he pointed to the mask and gun), but don’t shoot please, the gun is just for protection in case they want to fight back
Me: (scared) ha, gun?
Cynthia didn’t talk, she was just looking at me, I also bone her
Guard: yes
Hotel manager: please don’t shoot o, if not for the money you gave me, I shouldn’t have allow such o, but money is powerful
We were in the midst of the discussion when we see kike walking into the hotel, it shows she is just coming from office
Me: kike?
Hotel manager: do you know her? she is part of them now
Cynthia: kola that will be the person that set camera, I will blow off her head.
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Monday, June 3, 2019

The unwanted pregnancy(emotional story)

Sophia walked down the carpet greeting both national and international stars, Gina was there with Matthew, they hugged and joked, Dan also had a nice chat with Matthew and she saw the knowing wink he sent her.
They were approaching the host and hostess, Kanye and Kim K wondering how they got that part despite Kim’s expressed dislike for Nigeria was one thing Sophia would be doing.
Dan held her tightly, because of the look of appraisal she received from the both of them.
“Did you get them?” Kim asked.
“No, mine are natural, I was born with it.” she said smiling a little, her intense dislike was almost obvious, but Kim didn’t notice.
“Really, cause they really blend into you.” Kanye said, Dan almost drew her back from his hungry gaze.
“Thanks, but we have to go now, shouldn’t we darling?” Dan said possessively, as he held her arm and they left the power couple to greet other guests.
“God, did you see how they watched us, bet Kanye is going to rap about it in his new song, that guy can rant.” Sophia whispered as they walked into the hall. They greeted so many stars from South Africa, Algeria, Mozambique, sierra Leone, Cameroun, Ghana, Ethiopia, every of the 54 African country entertainers were present.
They were ushered to their seats, and after some minutes the show began, performances at every stop and turn and Sophia was already exhausted before her award nomination, but she had won and Dan kissed her when she got back to her seat, and photographers were everywhere on them.
She managed to make it home in one piece after Dan elicited a promise to see him the next day she was just too tired to y him out.
The loud sound of the continuous whirling of a sewing machine cut off all the noise in the room, Sophia’s head was bent as she adjusted the needle.
“Brrrr.” the machine went on as she continued sowing, she was absorbed in the rhythmic movement of the needle to her changing the position of the cloth.
She didn’t hear, when the door of her office burst open. But what she did hear was the clicking heels, no one wore heels to work on Fridays at the Nikkin. She lifted her eyes and her eyes met with a young averaged height lady with red dyed hair. They stared at each other, the lady had a look of contempt, on her fair face she was solidly masked by professional makeup. She wore a short red dress and designer accessories.
“Good afternoon, but I think you are in the wrong department, this department is for male outfits ma’am.” Sophia said politely, thinking she was a customer that missed her way.
“Good afternoon, I’m not here to do business, but I’m here to see you, this two timing tart.” Sophia was taken aback as the lady pointed a talon like nail at her as she spoke.
“You think you are so clever, that you can take my husband from me.” at that Sophia stood up, and started thinking of any husbands she had snatched.
“Ma’am with all due respect I have no idea what you are saying.” she said, standing close to her desk, the woman looked really desperate though. And desperate is dangerous too.
“Oh pretender Holy Mary Amaka, abi be pretending, look Dan would just dump you.I’m Mrs. Ani and I have four children for him, three girls and a son. He is their father, look at me well if I ever see you with him. You’ll see pepper, useless thing.” the lady raved angrily, her claws flashing every second as if she would cut off Sophia’s face and her face was contorted to resemble an ugly vulture with a lot of makeup.
Sophia smelt desperation, deceit, and jealously written over her. Even her cologne was an off cloying scent, she smelt cheap and Sophia had better things to do today.
“Excuse me then. I have nothing to say to you.” she said, as she pointed to the door.
“You this cheap rat, so you are afraid to fight abi? Are you feel that you are too big, too famous to let me tell you, you are nothing but a LovePeddler in gold clothes, you just sold yourself out.” Sophia gave her a cool look and the girl got more pissed before she launched a slap at Sophia.
Sophia was stunned as she held her cheeks, she felt like sending the girl to a hell of beating, how dare she, but instead to her own amazement she looked down at the girl and laughed.
The girl’s face was filled with fear now, she too was surprised is not everyone you slap like that, that laughs.
“So you’ll think I’ll stoop so low to your level, you don’t realise that while you are here picking a fight, your mates are there making millions. God saved your life that I’ve vowed never to fight over any man again or else, you’ll know that khaki no be leather, infact the nose is far from the forehead.
How dare you? But you know what I don’t blame you, I blame this circumstance and your stupid parents for not training you or maybe it isn’t them, maybe its you that decided to take this path to destruction, well sincerely I don’t care, you have decided to waste your destiny, I won’t let you waste mine. Get out before I pounce on you, shameless girl!!!!” Sophia screamed at her,and the girl scurrying like a mouse ran out with tears in her eyes. She had started crying even before Sophia sent her out.
“What went wrong?” Boma came in, just as the girl ran out, but Sophia’s red eyes kept him shut as he whispered his apologies and left.
Sophia buried her head and cried, she didn’t care that she was crying on the uniform for the National Rotary Club president, she just wept asking anything around her to help her.
Now she couldn’t describe how she felt, before she didn’t care about Dan, his music or him, but after that night, well things had changed, then he came back with blackmail, she had locked him out, now all these and she was afraid that in her heart of hearts that she was falling for Dan.
“Oh No why should it be Dan? Why?” she said, sobbing and sniffing, she was going to show the world that she could as well cope without Dan. She couldn’t stand the nonsense all over again. Infact it was bye bye Dan time.
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The social media girl I met

Just on a blissful and normal Sunday i decided to run a check on my eskimi account so on of my crush or lemme say internet crush just emailed me her line
which i ask for some weeks back,
i was so happy then i copied the number down but waited till after church before trying her number out i tried it at first it wasnt going i was like “mogbe
this girl don see mugu” then i latter tried it in the evening then it went but she never picked up, i just zero am ni forget the girl because girls dey very
well sorry for not introducing my self at the begining of the story just wanna give you guys some suspense. am Zeus as per normal i be naija boy lag bred sha
, i dey stay alone because i be fredral government worker i am in my 20 the story i am about to say is about my meeting with an internet friend which lives
back door but i never knew until we met, now here was how it all began.
i usually browse on different website cus i social network a lot i be boring type and also a flirtzo, i do my things my way if you dey doubt me go ask your
sister eh! permit me i no dey sing o just trying to expres my self. i have spoken to many chicks online so ijust saw this girl for the first time on eskimi
na so i message am not up to 10 min she replied then we just chatted for a few minuites then i asked of her digits then she no gree. see shakara o she want
make i dey beg her ni na so i just snub her go check other girls wey i don message down before i knew it she went offline me sef comot but because of work i
no too dey frequent online.*****back to where i stopped*****
one nice sunday i just close duty cus na military guy i be i just dey rest i carry my ipad dey browse i first go place bet for 9ja bet for that day matches i
just say make i check my stuff for eskimi na so i see the number i come call am e no go na latter for evening e come go she no pick after like 30min she come
call me…..
me:hello good evening
she: sorry who am i speaking with???
me: this is zeus your friend on eskmi
she:oh! whats up
me; am fine
she: sorry for not picking up i was on a bike on my way home from a friend place
me: no wahala
na so we just dey talk unnecessary talks sha till we arrived at when we gonna see but she is always busy except sundays then we picked sundays and during our
coversation she did mentioned she was staying in my area less did i know she was staying in a estate at the back of my base until a day before now Sunday was here and the funniest thing was i was also expecting one of my side chick that schools in a university close to my place, her name is shade
she just called and promise to come on Sunday how i won do am but as a sharpy boy i just called my guy on phone who wasn’t around explained everything to
him this one na badoo he bad pass me he just said i shouldn’t worry that i should check for his key inside the flower vase in from of his apartment as i
dropped the call kwins call just entered and said she is almost my gate that i should come out and pick her up i had to rush and quickly arrange the house
because it was around 9 in the morning as i arranged everything bought malt and shortbread from the store beside my block put inside my guys fridge, put
air freshner on the guys air conditioner make the room dey cool na im call come enter o say i get visitor for gate i just ran to the gate as i got to gate my
guys just dey eye me say omo you don start chick wey just return from church wey never enter her house you don carry am come sey dem no even sure if she even
go the church sef as i reach where she dey then i saw whom i have been chatting with all these while dark in complesion a bit tall her front was not too big
but moderate the same as the back and she was wearing their choir attire one white top and red skirt for my mind i was like can something happen today omo
this one na s.u ooooooooo, i just lock up dey do think of how to runs my thing my guys just dey hala me for road i just smile dey go my own, finally we got
home chit chatted a bit i offered her what i bought then she said she wanted watching movie then we searched the shelf for film i never knew my guy had
prono in his house this girl see am come dey ask me jamb question sey how i take get am but i just bone she come dey claim holy, finally she laid on the bed
wey were just checking m,y pix on my ipad the girl still dey form and me still dey ponder i just dey think how i go take runs the girl package i finally
succeded in romacing her but she just dey form for me i sha do before i knew it her head don dey my chest i still dey romance her after a while she just lay
on the bed come dey say she go soon leave o instantly i remember orientation wey my guys dey gimme say if babe say she go soon leave she mean sey ogbeni do
fast ooo, i just soji my self still romacing her now in a flirty way i started kissing her neck she made a little moan .
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The Greed of Hatred (Friction)

Your guess was right. It was Cynthia calling. I then remembered that i called her last night but she didn’t show up or what. At first i didn’t want to take the call but i later decided to take it.
Me: hello(wearing an angry face)
Cynthia: hello Fab. What’s wrong with that voice?
Me: its you. Imagine i called you to come last night but you chose to turn me down and you think am happy with that.
Cynthia: wait Fabulous na me you dey vex for? Me and you who suppose vex? I came to your house but your mum and your girlfriend abi wife rained me insults. They went to the extent of giving me marathon slap and you are here talking to me. Anyway its not your fault….
Me: i.. Hello.. Baby..
Dawn. She cut the call. So she can to my house and that wretch of a woman has the guts to lay a finger on her? Don’t worry let me meet you in my house. I tried calling Cynthia severally but wasn’t answering. She was actually angry with me..
I checked my time, its 3:00pm. I packed my things and left the office. I drove straight to Cynthia’s house. Thank God she was alone. She frowned her face immediately she saw me.
Me: please baby am sorry for what happened last night.
Cynthia: please leave me alone, i don’t want to recieve another beating.
Me: i said am sorry. It won’t happen again. Please. Would you like shopping?
At this time i can see smile on her face but she later frowned maybe to pretend.
Cynthia: are you trying to bribe me with that?
Me: not like that. You know i can do anything to make you happy. Please don’t say no.
Cynthia: its alright if you say so. Let me change to something better..
We left her house to a supermarket nearby. She picked as much as she can and i paid for the bills. She was happy with my kind gesture and thanked me for the items. I dropped her in her house and promise to give her a call soonest. I drove to my house smiling, but my face changed immediately i came close to my house. I drove in, packed my car and left for the sitting room. I met that thing, sorry Ifeoma watching movie.. I walked to the tele and switch it off.
Ifeoma: darling welcome. How was work?
Me: you must be very stupid and out of your mind. You have the guts to harass my quest last night and you still stand here to take rubbish. By the way, what are you still doing in my house?
Ifeoma: please calm down. You don’t need to be angry like this.. That girl look like a cheap prostitute and a gold digger.
Me: what the hell…. (I landed a hot slap on her left cheek) its you that is a cheap prostitute. Is here your father’s house? Oya start leaving before i change my mind.
Mama: (from no where) Fabulous what i wrong with you? Eh! She’s not going anywhere o. As far as i am concerned she is not stepping an inch out of this house.
Me: mama you are pushing me o. Don’t blame me if i take action.
Mama: what action? Kill her? You can’t do that.
Me: you why are you still standing there? Pack your things and get out of my house.
Ifeoma: my husband please….
Me: you think am joking? I rushed to her land another slap but this time the gravity was so much that she cannot carry it.. She collapse and hit her head on the sofa..
Mama: Jesus! Fabulous egbu o m ooo (Fabulouse don kill me o) you see what your stubbornness has caused.
Me: Ifeoma! Ifeoma!! Oh my God what have i don to myself.. I quickly carried her out put her at the back of the car while mama entered the front passenger’s side. I drove to Living Word Hospital and got her admitted. They said i have to deposit the sum of N50,000 before treatment can commence. But i only have N10,000 with me..
I pleaded with the doctor to start treatment while i go get the remaining money. Luckily for me, he agreed. I deposited the little i had and rushed to the atm. I came back with N100,000 incase of necessity..
Ifeoma remained unconscious for hours. I began to think that she was dead but the doctor assured me that nothing will happen to her. Series of tests were carried out on her and everything was negative..
She regained consciousness around 8:30pm. The doctor said that she is having internal bleeding which is not a good one..
Doctor: sir you have to make available the sum of N125,000 so that we can transfer her to our headquarter where she can be given appropriate treatment.
Me: but will she be ok after that?
Doctor: i assure that she’ll be ok.
I went back to the atm and withdraw the remaining money…
To cut it short. She recovered after two days after i have spent almost N200,000 on her head.. I didn’t bother to ask her to leave again but the treatment i have to her made her leave.
That night as she slept off i got up took the cloth i will be using tomorrow for work then left her in my room after locking the door with key. I slept at the other room. Very early in the morning i prepared and went to work without opening the door.
At office
my boss called for a meeting. Who knows what will be discussed?
at exactly 12noon, i told the client i was chatting with that i have a meeting with the General Manager and will be back soon. I left my office for the meeting hall.. All the board of directors were present including other departmental managers. The meeting was presided by the General Manager, Mr. Duke.
Mr. Duke: good day gentle men and ladies.
All: good morning sir.
Mr. Duke: i wouldn’t want to take much of your time so i have to be brief.. I would like to first thank the few people who have shown genuine committment in the growth of this company. The likes of Mrs. Nick, Miss Matilda, Mr. Ben and Mr. Edna. Thanks to you and keep the good work going.
Mr. Fabulous you are the sole reason for this meeting.
Me: (i was shocked when i heard the statement, my heart began pounding like apostolic church musical instrument). Sir i hope its for good?
Mr. Duke: how can it be for good when you have decided to turn the company to a private affair. You come to work and go anytime you like. And recently we have experienced reduction in the number of clients. Just yesterday a client came looking for you but you have left the office even before time. I now recieve complaints of late delivery. Do you have any excuse for that?
Me: sir am so sorry, i had family issues to tackle. Please pardon me.
Mr. Duke: i will pardon you but if you continue this way you will have yourself to blame. Lets i forget, i want every department to submit their report this afternoon. I think that will be all for now, you may now retire to your duties.
I left the hall so ashamed of myself. I was the subject matter. I just hope i don’t get fired. I went back to my office and continued with the business transaction.
Client: the goods arrived safely but it was late. I will send the remaining payment tomorrow via online banking.
Me: tomorrow is not the best option. My boss is a staunch Sabbath worshipper and wouldn’t condone any transactions that day. Why don’t you make it money.
Client: tomorrow is the only suitable day for me unless you’ll wait till next month.
Me: no no. I can’t wait. Just send it to my account, i will drop my account number before i log out now..
Client: ok then till tomorrow.
I sent him the account details before logging out. I arranged my things and off to my car, its past 4pm already. I hopped in and off to Cynthia’s house. Thank God Grace has gone back…. I forgot to tell you guys that Grace tried severally to invite me over to her house but i refused until she gave up the invitation.
I met Cynthia in her house. She frowned her face immediately she saw me. I knew she was still angry about the event.
I knelt down to beg for her forgiveness.
Me: baby please am sorry for what they did to you.
Cynthia: please stand up.. But you should have told me that you have a wife.
Me: wife ke! Don’t mind that girl. She’s just forcing herself on me.
Cynthia: please i don’t want any problem with your family.
Me: baby please.. How about a date tomorrow so that i can prove that am truely sorry. Please don’t say no.
Cynthia: ok. its obvious you’re not gonna quit. But i think sunday will be better. I won’t be available tomorrow.
Me: Its ok by me. I will call you around 12noon. I have to be on my way now. I left for my house immediately… I met my mum and she began shouting at me and saying all manner of things to me, but i didn’t want to start a drama so i went to my room. Opened the door and found Ifeoma sitting and crying. I pretended as if i didn’t notice anything. I dropped my briefcase, removed my suit and laid on the bed and slept off..
I woke up around 7pm and couldn’t find Ifeoma, i checked everywhere for her but she was no where to be found. I checked for my mum, she was fast asleep. I wanted to wake her up but i changed my mind.. Why am i even worried about her, i didn’t even like her stay in my house so she can go hang herself for all i care.. I went back to my house, take my shower and went back to bed.. I picked my phone and chatted for some time before i slept off again…
To be continued…..
The story is gradually coming to an end, two more episodes to go… Sit tight and keep your comments coming as events unfold..
ah! Its morning already? I sprang up from bed, i needed to do some clean up almost all my clothes are dirty. I packed them all in a sack bag so as to take them to my dry cleaner. I hopped into my car and drove off..
Just 1km to my destination, a toyota corolla double-crossed me and i found my brake immediately.. Four hefty young men boomed out of the car each carrying an AK47, they made their way to my car and asked me to get down. At first i wanted to claim james bond, but what can i do? Am i even stupid to think of that? One man as vulnerable as whatever you can think of against four men with gun. Thats absolute stupidity… So i foolishly got down from my car raising my hand above my head, i found myself begging them to spare my life. One of the criminals abi assassins who seemed to be their leader stepped forward.
Criminal: your money or your life.
Me: please i don’t have any money with me.
Criminal: do you think am joking? I did not ask you if you have any money with you. Ok let me cut it short, here with me is an inter-bank transfer form, all you need to do is to sign it for me..
He brought our a pen from his pocket and started filling the form. After filling the necessary details he handed the paper to me for endorsement.
Me: what! I shouted as i saw the amount.. Two million naira? But that’s the only thing i have in my account. How can you take all of them?
Criminal: (Kra..kra..he pointed the gun to my heart.) i give you the count of 3 to sign that thing.. 1….2….2 and half..
Please sir let me sign it (i said as i collected the pen from him.. Chai! What am i going to do now. What of the outing i have tomorrow? Can it be possible without money? All these things ran through my mind but i think my life is worth more than all these.. I signed the paper and handed it back to him.. He went true it and nodded in satisfaction.. He walked back to their car.
Criminal: Axe! (he called out one of his boys)
Axe: yes boss
Criminal: groundnut bonus abeg.
Axe: your wish is my command boss…
He pointed his gun towards and went for the trigger and released a shot on my forehead… I screamed Jesuuuuuus!!!! And jumped up from my bed.
Ah! So this was just a dream. A call came into my phone and i reached for the phone. It was Tobi calling. I picked the call without hesitation.
Me: my main man whats up you?
Tobi: my guy i dey o just that work has not been easy here.
Me: no worry mehn na so in dey be nah. This one wey you hola at me this early, i hope everything is ok.
Tobi: everything is ok in my side. Fab i have a feeling that some bad is going to happen to you.
Me: where you come get that one from? You don become prophet?
Tobi: am not a prophet but i want to advice you based on what i saw. I had a terrible nightmare and in the night your were robbed of your money and properties. Please be careful of your movement these days.
Me: i don hear you, i assure you say nothing go happen to me.
Tobi: i just pray it doesn’t happen o.. So how mama
Me: mama is fine o she’s even in my house.
Tobi: wow! Is she around?
Me: she might be snoring in her room now.
Tobi: ok. Anyways extend my greetings to her and be a good boy.
Me: ok sir. Thank you for your concern.
Tobi: ok then.
He hung the call and i knelt down beside my bed to say a short prayer but i couldn’t just concentrate so i had to postpone the prayer till evening time. I wiped my face and went to my wardrope and found out all my clothes are dirty except the suit i wore to office yesterday.. Hmmm. I don’t have the slightest strenght to scrub my clothes but i dare not go out today after that nightmare. So i decided to wait till i have the strength to wash..
My mum woke up and came to my room to know how we were faring and know why we are still in bed when its already 9am.. She found only him and enquired about Ifeoma’s whereabout but i told her i didn’t know. She was very mad at me and asked me to make sure i find her and marry her if not she’ll disown me.. She left my room angrily..
What the hell does she want me to do? Will i kill myself because she decided to leave? Abeg let me think how tomorrow is going to be.. I got up, brushed my teeth and went back to bed to think about my life…
Sunday 20th May 2007 is the
day i will never forget in my
life or in a hurry.. What really
happened that day?
Finally the deal day is here. I
can’t wait to have Cynthia all
to myself. I was reluctant to
go to church but i had to so
as to escape from my mum’s
The service was so bored
for me. I can’t even tell the
topic of the day’s sermon. I
was only imagining what’s
going to happen in few
hours… Luckily for me, the
service ended around
11:35am, so i rushed home
to get ready…
On my way to the house, i
remembered going to meet
my mum at home so i
decided to go for my outing
from dear because i don’t
need anything or anybody
to spoil my fun for me. I
diverted to Cynthia’s house..
She was almost ready when
i got there so i waited for
her to finish..
After five minutes, we’re
good to go. Cynthia hopped
into the passenger’s front
seat as i zoomed off.. There
was silent as we drove.
Cynthia: so where’s our
destination? She said
breaking the silence.
Me: Luxury City.
Cynthia: wow! I heard its a
nice hotel.
Me: yea… All through the
drive we never said a word
again until we got there..
Here we are dear
Cynthia: so soon?
We walked straight to the
reception and i paid for an
accomodation for 5hrs.. She
directed us to room 101..
Receptionist: sir here you
are. Enjoy your stay here.
Me: thanks dear.. I replied as
she walked back to her duty
post… I pick the desk phone
to call the bar so as to place
an order but Cynthia insisted
that she goes there by
herself. After much
resistance that was fruitless
i allowed her to go and
make the order…
She came back five minutes
later with bottle of bazoka
drink and two tumblers..
That’s exactly my favorite
alcoholic drink.. She filled the
two tumblers while telling
me the the waiter will soon
come with the food…
While waiting for the for, i
took a gulp of the drink and
fished it in the next gulp. I
re-filled my tumbler.. I didn’t
notice that Cynthia was not
drinking, but thats not my
I gazed at her with a ‘wow’
look. She was really hot in
the mini gown she wore
which revealed greater part
of her laps… What about her
milk industry? It was
swinging like a pendulum .
She noticed my mood and
she made some sexy moves
that turned me on
I moved closer to her and
our lips met like a magnet
and before i could say jerk
she already caressing my
iron man which is now as
hard as a rod.. My hand
travelled from her shoulder
to her backyard then to the
two ripe water melons in
front. God really did a
marvelous work there. I
pulled her gown up to allow
me access to her banana
island, i noticed she wasn’t
wearing panties. I started
fingering her and she was
moaning gently.. Soon we
are into each other.
I became so week after one
round.. She got up, went to
her bag and brought out
something like a document,
my eye was so blurred that i
can’t even see the content of
the paper…
Cynthia: baby i want you to
sign this for me. Handing
the paper to me.
Me: can’t it wait till
Cynthia: please its needed
Me: ok. What’s the paper
Cynthia: its a
recommendation later that i
will be submitting tomorrow
morning with my
application and resume.
I collected the book and
signed for her. I was still
dead hungry for sexx when
i suddenly slumped into the
Uhhhh i yawned as i woke
up.. I checked my time
10:45am… What!! Is my time
wrong or what! I unlocked
my phone to see 45 missed
calls from my mum, Grace,
my boss and my clients, and
two messages i opened the
first one and it reads
“dear Mr. Fabulous, your
account has been credited
with the sum of
N10,000,000 from**some
text missing**.. I concluded
it was from the client i gave
my account number.
I opened the next text to see
the shock of my life. It reads:
dear Mr. Fabulous, a debit of
N11, 995,000.00k occured
on your account via transfer.
Your new balance is N5,283.
20k. Thanks for banking
with us. sender: Union Bank.
Jesus! What the hell is going
on where is Cynthia? I
picked my suit and walked
down stares only to be
stopped by the receptionist
to pay for over staying. It
was then i realized its
monday. Thank God i had
little money on me then i
paid her off and rushed out
only to find out that my car
is no longer packed there.. I
placed a call to my bank
manager asking her about
the transaction.
Me: why did you make a
transfer without my
Manager: sir a lady came
here with a transfer for but
i called you and you
confirmed it.
I hung up angrily. What am i
going to do? What will i tell
my boss? All this thoughts
were running to my mind
when i suddenly
remembered our sex
episode i began to smile as i
sight Cynthia standing half
naked in front. I went to her
pulled the dress she was
wearing, i removed mine
and started caressing her all
over. I was wearing only a
boxer. I pulled the boxer
down a bit so as to bleep
her not until a hot slap
landed on my cheek.
I was like ‘babe why did you just leave me like that?’ but she never said anything or respond to my sexxual urge. I continued until a hot slap landed on my right cheek and brought my back to reality. And behold i was standing in a boutique belonging to my boss wife.. Who slapped me? It was my boss and what do you think i was romancing all these while?….
GM: Fabulous what the hell are you doing here? So this is it? It has gotten to the extent of romancing a…… He paused… Well meet me in the company… He said and walked out immediately..
Chei!! The witches in my village has finally remembered me…
Next thing i found myself in a police cell where i would remain until the sum of N10,000,000 is paid to the company.. That was how i lost everything
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