Monday, June 3, 2019

The social media girl I met

Just on a blissful and normal Sunday i decided to run a check on my eskimi account so on of my crush or lemme say internet crush just emailed me her line
which i ask for some weeks back,
i was so happy then i copied the number down but waited till after church before trying her number out i tried it at first it wasnt going i was like “mogbe
this girl don see mugu” then i latter tried it in the evening then it went but she never picked up, i just zero am ni forget the girl because girls dey very
well sorry for not introducing my self at the begining of the story just wanna give you guys some suspense. am Zeus as per normal i be naija boy lag bred sha
, i dey stay alone because i be fredral government worker i am in my 20 the story i am about to say is about my meeting with an internet friend which lives
back door but i never knew until we met, now here was how it all began.
i usually browse on different website cus i social network a lot i be boring type and also a flirtzo, i do my things my way if you dey doubt me go ask your
sister eh! permit me i no dey sing o just trying to expres my self. i have spoken to many chicks online so ijust saw this girl for the first time on eskimi
na so i message am not up to 10 min she replied then we just chatted for a few minuites then i asked of her digits then she no gree. see shakara o she want
make i dey beg her ni na so i just snub her go check other girls wey i don message down before i knew it she went offline me sef comot but because of work i
no too dey frequent online.*****back to where i stopped*****
one nice sunday i just close duty cus na military guy i be i just dey rest i carry my ipad dey browse i first go place bet for 9ja bet for that day matches i
just say make i check my stuff for eskimi na so i see the number i come call am e no go na latter for evening e come go she no pick after like 30min she come
call me…..
me:hello good evening
she: sorry who am i speaking with???
me: this is zeus your friend on eskmi
she:oh! whats up
me; am fine
she: sorry for not picking up i was on a bike on my way home from a friend place
me: no wahala
na so we just dey talk unnecessary talks sha till we arrived at when we gonna see but she is always busy except sundays then we picked sundays and during our
coversation she did mentioned she was staying in my area less did i know she was staying in a estate at the back of my base until a day before now Sunday was here and the funniest thing was i was also expecting one of my side chick that schools in a university close to my place, her name is shade
she just called and promise to come on Sunday how i won do am but as a sharpy boy i just called my guy on phone who wasn’t around explained everything to
him this one na badoo he bad pass me he just said i shouldn’t worry that i should check for his key inside the flower vase in from of his apartment as i
dropped the call kwins call just entered and said she is almost my gate that i should come out and pick her up i had to rush and quickly arrange the house
because it was around 9 in the morning as i arranged everything bought malt and shortbread from the store beside my block put inside my guys fridge, put
air freshner on the guys air conditioner make the room dey cool na im call come enter o say i get visitor for gate i just ran to the gate as i got to gate my
guys just dey eye me say omo you don start chick wey just return from church wey never enter her house you don carry am come sey dem no even sure if she even
go the church sef as i reach where she dey then i saw whom i have been chatting with all these while dark in complesion a bit tall her front was not too big
but moderate the same as the back and she was wearing their choir attire one white top and red skirt for my mind i was like can something happen today omo
this one na s.u ooooooooo, i just lock up dey do think of how to runs my thing my guys just dey hala me for road i just smile dey go my own, finally we got
home chit chatted a bit i offered her what i bought then she said she wanted watching movie then we searched the shelf for film i never knew my guy had
prono in his house this girl see am come dey ask me jamb question sey how i take get am but i just bone she come dey claim holy, finally she laid on the bed
wey were just checking m,y pix on my ipad the girl still dey form and me still dey ponder i just dey think how i go take runs the girl package i finally
succeded in romacing her but she just dey form for me i sha do before i knew it her head don dey my chest i still dey romance her after a while she just lay
on the bed come dey say she go soon leave o instantly i remember orientation wey my guys dey gimme say if babe say she go soon leave she mean sey ogbeni do
fast ooo, i just soji my self still romacing her now in a flirty way i started kissing her neck she made a little moan .

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