Monday, June 3, 2019

The unwanted pregnancy(emotional story)

Sophia walked down the carpet greeting both national and international stars, Gina was there with Matthew, they hugged and joked, Dan also had a nice chat with Matthew and she saw the knowing wink he sent her.
They were approaching the host and hostess, Kanye and Kim K wondering how they got that part despite Kim’s expressed dislike for Nigeria was one thing Sophia would be doing.
Dan held her tightly, because of the look of appraisal she received from the both of them.
“Did you get them?” Kim asked.
“No, mine are natural, I was born with it.” she said smiling a little, her intense dislike was almost obvious, but Kim didn’t notice.
“Really, cause they really blend into you.” Kanye said, Dan almost drew her back from his hungry gaze.
“Thanks, but we have to go now, shouldn’t we darling?” Dan said possessively, as he held her arm and they left the power couple to greet other guests.
“God, did you see how they watched us, bet Kanye is going to rap about it in his new song, that guy can rant.” Sophia whispered as they walked into the hall. They greeted so many stars from South Africa, Algeria, Mozambique, sierra Leone, Cameroun, Ghana, Ethiopia, every of the 54 African country entertainers were present.
They were ushered to their seats, and after some minutes the show began, performances at every stop and turn and Sophia was already exhausted before her award nomination, but she had won and Dan kissed her when she got back to her seat, and photographers were everywhere on them.
She managed to make it home in one piece after Dan elicited a promise to see him the next day she was just too tired to y him out.
The loud sound of the continuous whirling of a sewing machine cut off all the noise in the room, Sophia’s head was bent as she adjusted the needle.
“Brrrr.” the machine went on as she continued sowing, she was absorbed in the rhythmic movement of the needle to her changing the position of the cloth.
She didn’t hear, when the door of her office burst open. But what she did hear was the clicking heels, no one wore heels to work on Fridays at the Nikkin. She lifted her eyes and her eyes met with a young averaged height lady with red dyed hair. They stared at each other, the lady had a look of contempt, on her fair face she was solidly masked by professional makeup. She wore a short red dress and designer accessories.
“Good afternoon, but I think you are in the wrong department, this department is for male outfits ma’am.” Sophia said politely, thinking she was a customer that missed her way.
“Good afternoon, I’m not here to do business, but I’m here to see you, this two timing tart.” Sophia was taken aback as the lady pointed a talon like nail at her as she spoke.
“You think you are so clever, that you can take my husband from me.” at that Sophia stood up, and started thinking of any husbands she had snatched.
“Ma’am with all due respect I have no idea what you are saying.” she said, standing close to her desk, the woman looked really desperate though. And desperate is dangerous too.
“Oh pretender Holy Mary Amaka, abi be pretending, look Dan would just dump you.I’m Mrs. Ani and I have four children for him, three girls and a son. He is their father, look at me well if I ever see you with him. You’ll see pepper, useless thing.” the lady raved angrily, her claws flashing every second as if she would cut off Sophia’s face and her face was contorted to resemble an ugly vulture with a lot of makeup.
Sophia smelt desperation, deceit, and jealously written over her. Even her cologne was an off cloying scent, she smelt cheap and Sophia had better things to do today.
“Excuse me then. I have nothing to say to you.” she said, as she pointed to the door.
“You this cheap rat, so you are afraid to fight abi? Are you feel that you are too big, too famous to let me tell you, you are nothing but a LovePeddler in gold clothes, you just sold yourself out.” Sophia gave her a cool look and the girl got more pissed before she launched a slap at Sophia.
Sophia was stunned as she held her cheeks, she felt like sending the girl to a hell of beating, how dare she, but instead to her own amazement she looked down at the girl and laughed.
The girl’s face was filled with fear now, she too was surprised is not everyone you slap like that, that laughs.
“So you’ll think I’ll stoop so low to your level, you don’t realise that while you are here picking a fight, your mates are there making millions. God saved your life that I’ve vowed never to fight over any man again or else, you’ll know that khaki no be leather, infact the nose is far from the forehead.
How dare you? But you know what I don’t blame you, I blame this circumstance and your stupid parents for not training you or maybe it isn’t them, maybe its you that decided to take this path to destruction, well sincerely I don’t care, you have decided to waste your destiny, I won’t let you waste mine. Get out before I pounce on you, shameless girl!!!!” Sophia screamed at her,and the girl scurrying like a mouse ran out with tears in her eyes. She had started crying even before Sophia sent her out.
“What went wrong?” Boma came in, just as the girl ran out, but Sophia’s red eyes kept him shut as he whispered his apologies and left.
Sophia buried her head and cried, she didn’t care that she was crying on the uniform for the National Rotary Club president, she just wept asking anything around her to help her.
Now she couldn’t describe how she felt, before she didn’t care about Dan, his music or him, but after that night, well things had changed, then he came back with blackmail, she had locked him out, now all these and she was afraid that in her heart of hearts that she was falling for Dan.
“Oh No why should it be Dan? Why?” she said, sobbing and sniffing, she was going to show the world that she could as well cope without Dan. She couldn’t stand the nonsense all over again. Infact it was bye bye Dan time.

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